The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum

When unexpected messes strike, a reliable cordless handheld vacuum can be your best friend. Compared to lugging out a full-size upright, handheld vacuums are ultra-convenient for tackling peque spills, hard to reach spots, and other quick cleanups. With impressive suction power and versatility packed into a lightweight body, these compact vacs are a must-have cleaning tool.

Shark makes some of the most popular handheld cordless vacuums on the market today. From budget-friendly models under $100 to premium pet hair vacuums with all the bells and whistles, Shark has an option to suit every home.

In this guide, we’ll cover the top 5 Shark cordless handheld vacuums and provide tips to help you select the perfect model based on your needs and preferences. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about these powerhouse portable vacs. Let’s dive in to find the ideal Shark handheld vacuum for you!

An Overview of Shark’s Top 5 Cordless Handhelds

Shark’s lineup of cordless handheld vacuums covers all the bases from everyday quick cleanups to deep pet hair removal. Here is an overview of their top models:

Shark WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum

Weighing under 4 pounds, this ultra-lightweight handheld is great for small messes. It charges in a wall-mounted docking station and provides 8 minutes of fade-free power with each charge.

Pros: Extremely lightweight and maneuverable. Cleans floors, ceilings, upholstery.

Cons: Mediocre suction power, very short battery life.

Best For: Spot cleanups, ceiling corners, upholstery.

Shark CH951 UltraCyclone Handheld Vacuum

With Shark’s cyclone technology and a removable lithium ion battery, this handheld has professional-grade cleaning capabilities in a compact size. The 15 minute runtime makes it ideal for small spaces.

Pros: Excellent suction power, great for pet hair clean up, includes useful attachments.

Cons: Short battery life, takes 4-5 hours to fully recharge.

Best For: Quick cleanups, pet messes, inside cars.

Shark ION W1 Handheld Vacuum

The multiFLEX technology allows the head to pivot for cleaning at any angle. With 2 speed settings and a motorized brushroll, it excels at ceiling corners, upholstery, carpets, and more.

Pros: Lightweight at 3.56 pounds. Removable battery, good for cleaning stairs.

Cons: Noisy operation, small dust cup capacity.

Best For: Cleaning furniture, stairs, and daily messes.

Shark SV1106 Handheld Vacuum

Specially designed for pet owners, this handheld has a TruePet motorized brush and a scoop-and-sweep design for effortless dirt collection. It excels at removing pet hair.

Pros: Excellent cleaning performance for pet hair on upholstery, floors, etc.

Cons: Less suction power on bare floors, short 16 minute runtime.

Best For: Pet owners looking to clean furnishings and high traffic areas.

Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ CH954

With HEPA filtration, an anti-allergen seal, and a powered TruePet hair brush, this handheld deep cleans pet dander and hair. The well-designed attachments tackle any cleaning job.

Pros: Professional-grade pet hair removal. Includes useful detail kit and attachments.

Cons: High price point. On the heavy side.

Best For: Pet owners who need serious cleaning power for hair and allergens.

As you can see, Shark’s handheld lineup offers options for all needs and budgets. Keep reading for tips to select the perfect model for your cleaning scenarios.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shark Handheld

Picking out a handheld vacuum may seem pretty straightforward, but there are a few key factors to consider so you select the best model for your needs.

Carefully Consider Your Portability Requirements

First, think about how you plan to use your handheld and the required portability. Will it stay at home for quick cleanups or travel with you in an RV? Look for compact models like the Shark WANDVAC for ultimate portability.

Also consider battery life – extended runtimes around 15-16 minutes work better for cleaning cars than shorter 8 minute models. For convenient charging on the go, look for quick 30 minute charging capabilities.

Evaluate the Types of Cleaning Jobs You Need It For

Think about the specific cleaning scenarios where you’ll use your handheld vacuum. Do you need to clean ceilings, upholstery, pet beds, inside your car? Look for models with attachments tailored to your use cases.

Those with pets should consider models with motorized brushes made specifically for removing pet hair, like the CH954 Pet Pro+. For cleaning cars, look for models with detail kits like crevice tools and soft dusting brushes.

Carefully Compare Suction Power and Runtime

Handheld vacuums require a balancing act – strong suction to thoroughly clean messes but enough battery life to finish daily tasks.

Cordless handhelds with higher power ratings tend to have shorter runtimes. Lower suction models compromise strength for longer runtimes. Choose based on the level of cleaning power you really need.

If possible, look for lithium ion batteries that hold a consistent charge. Avoid models where suction fades as the battery depletes.

Look for Convenient Features That Add Value

Handheld vacuums with thoughtful convenience features make cleaning easier. Look for quick charging capabilities, so you can get a fast burst of cleaning time in just 30 minutes.

Removable, washable filters keep suction strong and maintenance easy. Removable lithium ion batteries allow you to always have a spare on hand. Flexible rubberized heads, LED lights and wall mounting brackets add day-to-day value as well.

Make Sure It Will Fit Your Available Storage Space

Since handhelds are portable, storage space may be limited. Full charging stands take up more space than wall mounted units.

Look for vacuums where you can remove attachments and batteries to minimize the storage footprint. Extension wands and detail kits add value but are easy to store separately when not needed.

Determine If Specialized Tools Are Needed

Standard attachments like crevice tools, brush nozzles and extension wands meet most cleaning needs. But you may desire more specialized add-ons.

Pet owners should look for motorized pet hair brushes. Those who plan to clean their car will appreciate detail kits with soft dusting brushes.

Removable batteries are also useful for swapping in spares when one runs out of juice.

Double Check It Fits Your Budget

Shark handhelds range from value-priced models under $50 like the WANDVAC up to $200+ for premium pet hair machines. Make sure to get the features you need at a price point you’re comfortable with.

Prioritize must-haves like strong suction and useful attachments over nice-to-have features if needed to meet a lower budget. Even Shark’s more affordable handhelds have impressive cleaning power.

Understand Handheld Limitations

While extremely convenient for small cleanups, handheld vacuums do have limitations. Suction power and runtimes are not made for whole room cleaning like a corded upright vacuum.

Most excel at cleaning localized messes and tight spots. They complement full-sized vacuums well but cannot fully replace them for whole home needs.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Shark Handhelds

What is the difference between a handheld vacuum vs. a stick vacuum?

Handheld vacuums are lightweight, compact units designed for portable cleaning of pequed messes. Stick vacuums have the motor and dust bin in the floor cleaning head for whole home upright vacuuming.

What is the typical battery life for a cordless handheld vacuum?

Most Shark handheld vacuums run for 10-16 minutes on lower suction settings to preserve battery life. This is enough time to tackle peque cleanups but not for cleaning entire rooms.

How long does it take to fully recharge a Shark handheld?

Standard recharge times range from 2-5 hours. Some models like the ION W1 offer quick 30 minute charging to provide a faster cleaning burst.

Do Shark handheld vacuums come with attachments?

Most models include at least a crevice tool. Higher end Shark handhelds add accessories like motorized pet brushes, upholstery tools, car detail kits and more.

How do you clean the filters on a Shark handheld?

The filters on Shark handhelds are removable and rinseable. Regularly rinsing with tap water removes dust and maintains strong suction power.

Can you use a handheld to clean floors?

Shark handhelds can be used on floors for small messes, but the suction is not as strong as a full size upright vacuum. They work best for localized floor spills and messes.

What is the best Shark handheld vacuum for pet hair?

The SV1106 and UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ CH954 stand out for pet hair cleaning thanks to motorized brushes made specifically for removing pet hair and dander.

Are Shark handheld vacuums bagless?

Yes, Shark handhelds have easy to empty dust cups so you don’t have to deal with replacement bags. Simply detach the cup and empty over the trash.

What is the warranty for Shark handheld vacuums?

Shark provides a 5 year limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship, same as their full size vacuums. Batteries have a 2 year warranty.

Do the batteries in Shark handhelds lose power over time?

Lithium ion batteries slowly lose capacity after hundreds of charges. Replacements are available to purchase when power fade becomes noticeable.

Key Takeaways to Find Your Perfect Shark Handheld

  • Consider portability needs – size, weight, battery life based on use cases like cars, RVs or home.
  • Match vac features and attachments to your main cleaning scenarios – floors, upholstery, pet hair, etc.
  • Balance suction power you need with adequate runtime for daily tasks. Look for fade-free lithium ion batteries.
  • Convenience features like quick charging stands, removable batteries, flexible heads and LED lights add day-to-day value.
  • Evaluate storage space available. Remove accessories to minimize footprint. Wall mounting takes less space.
  • Add specialized tools like motorized pet brushes and car detail kits if needed for your use cases.
  • Shark handheld prices range from $50 – $200+. Prioritize must-have features at a comfortable price point.
  • Remember limitations – ideal for quick cleanups but pair with an upright vacuum for whole home needs.

With this advice, you should feel fully equipped to select the perfect Shark handheld vacuum to meet your cleaning needs! Bring lightweight, portable power to pequed messes.

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