Smooth Sailing: The Complete Guide to Shark Hair Dryers

As someone with thick, curly hair, air drying has never been an option for me. I’d end up with a frizzy triangle head if I didn’t blow dry! I used drugstore hair dryers for years, but they took forever to dry my long locks. I’d get fatigued arms holding them up for 30+ minutes at a time.

When I discovered the Shark brand made lightweight, high-powered hair dryers, I knew I had to try one. Shark is best known for their innovative vacuums, so could their hair dryers deliver that same level of quality and engineering?

After months of testing, I can confirm Shark hair dryers help achieve smooth, quick blowouts even on the most unruly hair types. However, Shark offers a wide selection of dryers with distinct features and strengths.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to find your perfect match, including:

  • The main types of Shark hair dryers
  • Key features and criteria for comparison
  • How Shark hair dryer models and lines differ
  • Factors to determine the right dryer for your hair
  • My top Shark hair dryer recommendations
  • Frequently asked questions

Let’s get started finding your ideal Shark hair drying solution!

Types of Shark Hair Dryers

While the basic function is the same, Shark hair dryers come in several styles:

Corded Dryers

Shark’s corded dryers provide unlimited drying time thanks to constant power supply through the cord. They offer the highest wattage options for fast drying.

Cordless Dryers

Shark’s rechargeable cordless dryers allow flexibility and portability to dry hair on-the-go. However, battery life limits continuous use.

Ionic Dryers

Shark ionic dryers emit negative ions to help break up water molecules, dry hair faster, and reduce static and frizz.

Ceramic Dryers

Shark ceramic dryers use even-heating ceramic coils that help prevent damage from hot spots while smoothing hair.

Brush Dryers

Shark’s unique brush dryers have bristle attachments that allow simultaneously drying and styling for smooth, straight hair.

Travel Dryers

Shark’s travel dryers are lightweight and fold up small to pack in suitcases and gym bags for drying hair on-the-go.

Think about your hair type, styling needs, and usage scenarios as you zero in on the best Shark dryer category for you. Busy professionals may benefit most from speedy brush dryers, while travelers need a portable ionic model.

Key Features of Shark Hair Dryers

While all dryers blast hot air, Shark packs in advanced technologies:


Higher wattage translates to increased airflow and faster drying. Shark dryers range 1875W-2200W. More watts tames thick, curly hair.

Speed and Heat Settings

Multiple combinations of speed and heat allow customizing airflow and temperature for your hair type and desired finish.

Cool Shot Button

The cold shot button blasts cool air. Using it at the end of styling sets your look in place for lasting results all day.


Concentrator nozzles focus airflow. Diffusers evenly dry curls. Brushes straighten and add shine. Having options suits all styling needs.

Cord Length

Longer power cords in corded Shark dryers provide the flexibility to move around while drying at 9-10 feet.


At around 1 pound, Shark dryers are lightweight enough for prolonged, comfortable use. Easier to maneuver than clunky dryers.


Shark covers defects for 1-5 years. Longer warranties ensure you get lasting performance.

Overview of Shark Hair Dryer Lines

Shark makes a range of dryers tailored for different hair needs:

Shark Hyperair

Shark’s Hyperair dryers use hyper-fast drying technology to dramatically cut down drying time. Great for busy lifestyles.

Shark Lightweight Dryers

All under 1 pound, Shark lightweight dryers reduce fatigue from prolonged holding and styling.

Shark Anti-Frizz Dryers

Ionic technology transforms frizzy locks into smooth, shiny hair. Perfect for coarse or curly hair types.

Shark Styling Dryers

Dryers with brush attachments straighten and add shine while drying. Ideal for achieving a smooth blowout.

Shark Ultra Power

Shark’s highest wattage dryers quickly dry thick, curly hair with salon-level airflow.

Shark Jet Tech

Shark Jet Tech offers budget-friendly ionic drying power and cool shot in compact designs.

How to Choose the Best Shark Hair Dryer for You

With a wide selection of Shark hair dryers available, keep these key factors in mind while selecting the perfect model for your needs:

  • Consider your hair type and styling needs – thick and curly hair needs more power than thin
  • Determine must-have features:
  • High wattage for fast drying
  • Ionic for frizz reduction
  • Diffuser attachment for curly styles
  • Cool shot button to lock in looks
  • Multiple heat/speed settings for maximum control
  • Lightweight for comfort
  • Brush styling attachments for smoothness
  • Compare prices on dryers with your required specs
  • Read reviews to learn how real customers rate their performance and ease of use for actually drying and styling

Taking the time to assess your hair goals will make narrowing your choice quick and easy.

Ready to experience the magic of Shark hair drying? Based on my testing and research, these five models are top recommendations for common needs:

1. Shark HyperAir Ionic Hair Dryer – Fast Drying for Thick and Curly Hair

  • Price: $179.99
  • Key Features: 1875 watts, ionic frizz control, ultra-fast HyperAir drying

With 1875 watts of power, the HyperAir dries the thickest, curliest hair up to 50% faster. Ionic technology reduces frizz for a smooth finish. The rear filter prevents hair from getting sucked into the fan. It’s a game-changer for fast, frizz-free results!

2. Shark Lightweight Pro – Portable and Comfortable

  • Price: $69.99
  • Key Features: Under 1 lb, 1876 watts, 4 heat/speed settings

Weighing just 14.4 oz, the Lightweight Pro prevents arm strain during styling. The cool shot button gives flexibly to lock in any look. At an affordable price point, it provides salon results at home with less fatigue.

3. Shark Style iQ – Faster Styling with Brush Attachments

  • Price: $99.99
  • Key Features: 1875W, ionic, 2 brush attachments

The Style iQ’s unique motorized brush attachments combine drying and styling. The nylon bristle brush adds shine and smoothness. The tufted brush straightens and increases volume. Cut down on styling time and effort!

4. Shark Cordless Pro – Next Level Portability

  • Price: $199.99
  • Key Features: Cordless freedom, lithium ion battery, dual ionic filters

Shark’s Cordless Pro untethers drying so you can style anywhere, any time. The removable lithium battery enables consistent power. Weighing 1 lb, it’s comfortable for daily drying routines. Dual ionic filters reduce static.

5. Shark Ultra Power – Salon-Style Drying Power

  • Price: $109.99
  • Key Features: 2200 watt motor, 5 heat/speed settings, 9 ft cord

The Ultra Power gives you the most powerful airflow accessible outside a stylist’s chair. The 2200W motor blasts air for ultra-fast drying. With 5 heat/speed options plus a cool shot, it achieves any style. Maximum wattage under $150!

Shark Hair Dryer Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Shark hair dryers to dry hair?

Powerful 1875-2200W Shark dryers cut drying time up to 50% over budget models. Most can dry medium to long hair in 10-20 minutes on high heat vs 30+ for low wattage dryers.

Are Shark hair dryers damaging for hair?

Shark dryers evenly distribute heat and allow customizing airflow to prevent damage. Take care not to overexpose fine or damaged hair to highest heats. Use lower settings if concerned.

What’s the difference between ionic and ceramic technology in dryers?

Ionic dryers emit negative ions that break up water molecules, helping hair dry faster and reducing static/frizz. Ceramic heat distributes evenly and prevents damaging hot spots on hair.

What wattage dryer is best for fast drying?

Higher wattage produces increased airflow that dries hair quicker. 1875-2200W dryers will cut drying time significantly over budget 1600W models. But don’t sacrifice control settings.

Which Shark dryer is best for curly hair? For straight?

Shark dryers with diffuser attachments evenly dry curls. Models with brush styling attachments straighten and add shine. Ionic tech also fights frizz in curly hair.

How loud are Shark hair dryers?

Shark dryers operate around 70-80 decibels on high fan speeds. Not silent but less shrill and headache-inducing than cheap drugstore models at 80-90+ dB.

What dryer attachments help style and smooth hair?

Diffusers define curls. Concentrator nozzles direct airflow. Brush attachments straighten while drying. Get the attachments for your desired styles.

Can Shark hair dryers be used safely on kids?

Yes, with supervision to avoid burning from directing hot air too closely or using high heat settings unsuitable for kids’ fine hair. Keep hands away from intakes.

How long is the warranty for Shark hair dryers?

Shark provides a 1 to 5 year limited warranty covering manufacturer defects. Register your dryer upon purchase to ensure coverage.

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days

Shark has clearly leveraged their engineering expertise from vacuums to create a line of thoughtfully designed, high-performing hair dryers. By taking the time to assess your individual hair type and styling needs, you can easily select a Shark dryer that aligns with your must-have features.

I hope this guide gave you a helpful overview of the range of Shark hair tools available. Please let me know if you have any other questions I can help answer about finding your perfect model! Here’s to many good hair days ahead.

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