Shark ZU782 Rotator Lift-Away DuoClean Pro Upright Vacuum with Self-Cleaning Brushroll, DuoClean


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Shark Rotator Lift-Away DuoClean Pro Upright Vacuum – Superior Pet Hair Pickup and Whole Home Versatility

Keep your floors looking fresh daily while tackling pet messes with the Shark Rotator Lift-Away DuoClean Pro ZU782 upright vacuum. Specially designed for homes with pets, this innovative Shark vacuum combines powerful suction, deep carpet cleaning, and convenient lift-away portability. The dual brushroll system actively pulls out clingy fur and debris from carpets and floors. Bright LED lights illuminate hidden dirt around your home. For versatile above floor cleaning, lift the pod away anywhere.

Unrivaled Pet Hair Pickup

Engineered for pet owners, the Shark DuoClean Pro upright vacuum provides superior pickup of shed fur, dander and debris from carpets and hard floors. The deep-cleaning brushes actively grab embedded pet hair and pull it into the oversized dust cup. No stray hairs left wrapped on the bristles or carpet fibers.

To prevent hair wrap, the self-cleaning brushroll removes tangled fur with each pass. The innovative comb technology keeps pet hair from winding around the roller so you can keep cleaning without stops to cut out hair. No more drop-offs in suction from clogged bristles.

Dual Brushroll System

Shark’s one-of-a-kind DuoClean system utilizes two unique brushrolls that work together to deliver a deep clean on carpets and gentle polish for hard floors:

  • Soft front roller:Loosens and lifts fine debris and stuck-on dirt from hard floors.
  • Firm rear bristle brush:Clean carpets by digging into fibers and pulling up embedded pet hair and debris.

With continuous floor contact between the two spinning brushes, the DuoClean system picks up 50% more dirt, dust and pet hair with each pass compared to vacuums that push debris back and forth.

Lift-Away for Portable Cleaning

Shark’s lift-away technology allows you to detach the pod and handle dirt anywhere with powerful suction. Deep clean under furniture without moving pieces. Tackle pet hair on stairs, upholstery, ceiling fans and in cars. Clean hard-to-reach corners and above floor areas throughout your home.

Wherever pet messes happen, the portable lift-away pod provides flexible cleaning convenience without lugging the vacuum base all around.

Advanced LED Headlights

Find all that pesky pet hair, dander and debris hiding in shadowed areas under and around furniture with the bright LED lights built into the floor nozzle. The superior illumination shines into dark corners and crevices to spot fine dirt that typically gets overlooked. Clean thoroughly throughout your home.

Swivel Steering for Control

The vacuum head smoothly swivels side-to-side to seamlessly maneuver into tight spaces and around furniture legs. Forget the constant pushes, pulls and bumps while cleaning. Just twist gently to steer the Shark DuoClean Pro into any area with total control.

Weighing just 17 pounds, the lift-away upright vacuum is highly maneuverable to tackle whole home cleaning. Carry it upstairs, clean under tables, and get into corners with excellent steerability.

With superior pet hair pickup, innovative brushrolls, advanced steering, and lift-away versatility, the Shark Rotator DuoClean Pro ZU782 tackles dirt and pet messes anywhere they happen. Experience deeper carpet cleaning paired with convenient portable cleaning for a fresh home.


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Shark ZU782 Rotator Lift-Away DuoClean Pro Upright Vacuum with Self-Cleaning Brushroll, DuoClean
Shark ZU782 Rotator Lift-Away DuoClean Pro Upright Vacuum with Self-Cleaning Brushroll, DuoClean


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