Shark WV410BL WANDVAC Cordless Hand Vacuum, Ultra-Lightweight & Portable with Powerful Suction & Tools for Pets, Designed for Car & Home, Dark Blue


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Shark WV410BL WANDVAC Cordless Hand Vacuum – Portable and Lightweight with Powerful Suction

This ultra-lightweight, cordless hand vacuum packs the incredible suction power you need in a compact design perfect for quick cleanups around the house and car. Weighing just 1.5 pounds, the Shark WV410BL WANDVAC hand vacuum delivers unmatched portability and convenience.

Tackle pet hair, large debris, dust and dirt anywhere with powerful suction and handy tools. A sleek charging dock provides fast charging and handy accessory storage for grab-and-go cleaning when you need it. This handheld vacuum makes daily cleanups easy.

Key Features:

  • Powerful suction in a compact, ultra-lightweight design
  • Boost mode for increased suction on stubborn debris
  • Pet hair cleaning tool specifically tackles pet messes
  • Crevice tool cleans tight spaces like cars and corners
  • Charging dock for convenient access and storage
  • Removable, washable filter for easy maintenance
  • Cordless convenience to clean anywhere
  • Up to 16 minutes of fade-free runtime

Powerful Suction in an Ultra-Lightweight Design

Weighing just 1.5 pounds, the sleek Shark WANDVAC hand vacuum delivers incredible suction power in a lightweight, easy-to-use design. The powerful motor provides fade-free suction for quick daily cleanups around the house.

Easily tackle pet hair, large debris, dust and dirt with strong suction and the tapered nozzle. The lightweight body effortlessly maneuvers for convenient cleaning of stairs, counters, upholstery and more.

Boost Mode for Heavy Debris and Pet Hair

When tackling really stubborn dirt, debris and pet hair, activate Boost Mode for an extra burst of suction power. This super suction tackles the toughest messes quickly and efficiently.

Large particles, debris and annoying pet hair are no match for Boost Mode. After the mess is cleared, switch back to normal mode to complete cleaning tasks with optimal runtime. Boost when you need it for ultimate cleaning versatility.

Pet Hair Cleaning Tool Included

The specialized pet hair cleaning tool included with this Shark hand vacuum quickly lifts pet hair off furniture, stairs, vehicle seats and other areas. The soft bristles on the tool gently loosen stuck-on pet hair so it can be captured in the vacuum.

Safely remove pet hair without damaging delicate surfaces. No more sticky rollers, tape or lint brushes. Let the pet hair tool do the work so you can enjoy a pet hair-free home.

Crevice Tool for Tight Spaces

The crevice tool on this handheld vacuum gets into narrow spots where dirt and dust collect. Clean between seat cushions, around console compartments in your vehicle, corners of stairs and other tight areas.

The slim crevice tool fits right where you need it to clear out spider webs, dust bunnies, debris and pet hair hiding in hard-to-reach crevices and cracks. Quickly freshen up dusty baseboards too.

Charging Dock for Convenience

The sleek charging dock lets you conveniently store the vacuum when not in use while keeping it fully charged and ready to go. No more hunting for a plug when it’s time to clean. Just grab the handheld vacuum off its dock and start cleaning.

The onboard accessory storage keeps all your tools together for quick access. Always know where your handheld vacuum and its accessories are with this smart charging dock.

Removable, Washable Filter

Maintaining your handheld vacuum filter is quick and easy with the removable, washable filter cup. Simply detach, remove the filter, rinse under water and reinstall once fully dried.

Properly maintaining the filter optimizes suction power and prevents clogs from excess dirt and dust over time. Keep your Shark WANDVAC performing like new with an occasional filter rinse.

Cordless Convenience Cleans Anywhere

As a cordless vacuum, the Shark WANDVAC offers unmatched freedom and versatility to clean wherever needed, even far from power outlets. Quickly clean up pet hair on stairs, dust on blinds, crumbs in the car and debris wherever it happens without fighting cords.

Cordless convenience makes daily cleanups fast and easy. charged battery provides fade-free power for up to 16 minutes of runtime for most quick cleaning tasks. A battery power indicator lets you monitor charging status.

Lightweight Comfort for Easy Maneuvering

Weighing barely over 1 pound, the Shark WANDVAC weighs less than an average banana! The incredibly lightweight design offers comfortable, effortless cleaning anywhere.

Easily maneuver into tight spaces like cars, stairs, cabinets and more. Clean overhead areas like ceiling fans, shelves, sills and blinds without hand fatigue. The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand for quick daily cleanups.

What’s Included:

  • Shark WANDVAC Hand Vacuum
  • Charging Dock
  • Crevice Tool
  • Pet Hair Cleaning Tool
  • Filter Removal Tool

Tackle daily dirt and pet hair anywhere with the Shark WANDVAC WV410BL cordless hand vacuum. Powerful suction, specialized tools and cordless convenience in an ultra-lightweight design make quick cleanups easy throughout your home and car. This handheld vacuum takes the hassle out of daily dust and dirt cleanup.


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Shark WV410BL WANDVAC Cordless Hand Vacuum, Ultra-Lightweight & Portable with Powerful Suction & Tools for Pets, Designed for Car & Home, Dark Blue
Shark WV410BL WANDVAC Cordless Hand Vacuum, Ultra-Lightweight & Portable with Powerful Suction & Tools for Pets, Designed for Car & Home, Dark Blue


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