Shark ® CarpetXpert™ with Stainstriker™ Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner

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The Complete Guide to the Shark® CarpetXpertTM with StainstrikerTM Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, you know the struggle of keeping them looking fresh and clean from constant foot traffic, spills, pet accidents, and ground-in dirt. Regular vacuuming only goes so far to refresh your carpets. At times you need the deep cleaning power of an upright carpet cleaner to revitalize fibers and eliminate stains.

The new Shark® CarpetXpertTM with StainstrikerTM delivers outstanding deep carpet cleaning results combined with the power to tackle localized stains and spots. This innovative 2-in-1 upright carpet cleaner is engineered to be Shark’s best carpet cleaning system yet.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the CarpetXpertTM’s powerful cleaning technologies, specialized tools, usage, maintenance, and more. Let’s unlock the secrets to keeping your carpets spotless and stains powerless!

Key Features and Technologies of the Shark® CarpetXpertTM

Shark ® CarpetXpert™ with Stainstriker™ Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner  Shark ® CarpetXpert™ with Stainstriker™ Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner

The CarpetXpertTM combines several patented Shark technologies and innovations to deliver outstanding carpet cleaning abilities:

  • Strongest Suction Power – Extra suction lifts and removes embedded dirt from carpet fibers.
  • PowerWashTM High Pressure Spray – Penetrates fibers to loosen and suspend stuck-on grime and stains before suction.
  • Built-In Spot & Stain Remover – Eliminate localized stains on stairs, carpets, upholstery, and auto interiors.
  • StainStrikerTM Technology – Unique on-contact formula activation unleashes 20X more stain fighting power.
  • CarpetXpertTM Technology – High speed brush roll, pressurized spray, and maximum suction provides complete carpet cleaning.
  • Dual-Activated Formula – Precisely fuses two formulas together to boost cleaning efficacy.
  • Pet Mess & Odor Elimination – Permanently removes pet stains and urine odors.

With these cutting-edge technologies, the CarpetXpertTM delivers professional-grade carpet cleaning abilities. Next let’s look at the specialized tools included.

Cleaning Tools for Diverse Needs

The CarpetXpertTM comes equipped with a range of cleaning tools for diverse needs:

  • Integrated Crevice Tool – Removes dirt and stains along baseboards and in tight crevices.
  • 3.5″ Reversible Bristle Tool – Flips to agitate and scrub carpets or gently dust hard surfaces.
  • Pet Tool – Specially designed nozzles lift hair while extracting stains.
  • Hose Cleaning Tool – Inserted into the spray nozzle hose to flush out debris.

In addition, the unit comes with bottles of Shark’s CarpetXpert and StainStrikerTM cleaning formulas to boost cleaning and stain fighting abilities.

The crevice and pet tools let you target specific stain spots and embedded dirt. Now let’s explore choosing the right carpet cleaner for your household.

Key Considerations When Choosing the CarpetXpertTM

Shark ® CarpetXpert™ with Stainstriker™ Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner

With the CarpetXpertTM and other carpet cleaner options on the market, keep the following criteria in mind:

Upright vs. Portable Format

The CarpetXpertTM features a dual-tank upright design well-suited for whole rooms and large carpeted areas. Portable spot cleaners require more work to maneuver but provide targeted stain cleaning.

Carpeted Square Footage

Calculate all carpeted areas in your home to determine required cleaning path width and tank capacities for uninterrupted cleaning. The CarpetXpertTM contains large clean and dirty water tanks.

Frequency of Deep Cleaning

Do high traffic areas require periodic deep cleaning? Pet homes may need more frequent stain and odor removal. Evaluate how often a deep clean would be beneficial to maintain fresh carpets.

Built-In Spot Cleaner Abilities

The CarpetXpertTM allows targeted spot and stain cleaning via the integrated hand tool. Assess whether having this specialized spot cleaning ability built-in provides value.

Pet Mess and Odor Needs

The CarpetXpertTM is specially designed to permanently eliminate tough pet stains and embedded urine odors. If you have pets, this can be a huge benefit.

Dual-Formula Activation

The CarpetXpertTM precisely mixes and activates two formulas, boosting cleaning efficacy. Determine if these advanced formulas are needed or if standard detergents will suffice.

By weighing these factors, you can determine if the feature-packed CarpetXpertTM is the right carpet cleaner for your home and lifestyle. Let’s look next at how to use the system for optimal results.

Tips for Using the Shark® CarpetXpertTM

Shark ® CarpetXpert™ with Stainstriker™ Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner

To get the best deep cleaning results from your CarpetXpertTM, follow these usage tips:

Pre-treat Heavy Traffic Areas

Lightly pre-treat high traffic zones and extremely dirty areas with the StainStrikerTM formula to help loosen ground-in grime before deep cleaning passes.

Fill Clean and Dirty Water Tanks

Carefully fill the clean water tank with cool purified or distilled water. Empty the dirty tank fully before cleaning a new room or area.

Clean in Sections

Divide carpeted rooms into manageable sections of about 4 x 6 feet. Make overlapping forward and backward passes with the CarpetXpertTM.

Lift Furniture

Move lightweight furniture like chairs and tables aside to access all carpeted areas. Replace heavy items onto floor protectors after cleaning underneath.

Rinse Behind You

Rinse extracted rows with clean water before they dry to prevent residue. Check water tanks frequently and empty/refill as needed.

Spot Clean Stubborn Stains

Use the built-in hand tool and StainStrikerTM formula to target any remaining tough, set-in stains after overall deep cleaning passes.

Now that you know how to use the CarpetXpertTM for outstanding results, let’s go over proper maintenance.

Maintaining the Shark® CarpetXpertTM

Like any carpet cleaning system, proper maintenance maximizes performance and lifespan:

  • Rinse Out Hoses – Flush debris immediately after use by filling the clean tank with clean water only and spraying into a drain.
  • Clean and Empty Tanks – Rinse out both tanks thoroughly after each use to prevent mold and bacteria growth.
  • Replace Filter – Change the foam pre-motor filter every 3-6 months depending on usage to maintain suction power.
  • Use Shark Formulas – For best results, always use Shark’s specialized CarpetXpert and StainStrikerTM cleaning solutions.
  • Air Dry Completely – Ensure no moisture remains in hoses, tanks, and interior parts before storage to prevent mold.

With proper care, your CarpetXpertTM will deliver outstanding deep cleaning results for years. Next we’ll answer some commonly asked questions.

FAQs About the Shark® CarpetXpertTM

Shark ® CarpetXpert™ with Stainstriker™ Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner

For savvy consumers considering this innovative carpet cleaner, some common questions come up:

How does the CarpetXpertTM compare to the Shark Vertex for carpets?

The Vertex is an upright vacuum optimized for carpet cleaning while the CarpetXpertTM is an upright deep cleaner using water, detergent, and suction. Different machines for different levels of cleaning.

How often should you deep clean carpets?

It depends on traffic, pets, and use, but every 6-12 months is recommended for moderate conditions, or every 3-4 months for high traffic areas.

What temperature water can be used?

Always use cool water in carpet cleaners. Warm or hot water can damage carpet fibers. Water temperature should not exceed 80°F.

How long do the clean and dirty water tanks take to fill up?

The large clean tank holds 1.1 gallons and dirty tank 1.5 gallons. Filling each fresh for large rooms takes 1-2 minutes with a sink faucet.

How far will the cord length allow between outlet changes?

The 23-foot power cord allows wide cleaning reach from a single outlet. Most medium to large rooms can be cleaned without unplugging and changing outlets.

How should the CarpetXpertTM be stored?

Ensure all parts are dry. Store upright with cleaning head resting on plastic or cardboard, not directly on the floor. Keep away from heat or freezing temps.

How heavy is the unit and can it clean stairs?

It weighs 17.4 pounds making it maneuverable but too large for stairs. Use the built-in hand tool for spot cleaning stairs and upholstery instead.

What is the warranty coverage and period?

Shark provides a limited 2-year warranty covering original defects in materials and workmanship. Wear parts like hoses are excluded after 30 days.

Are different hoses and accessories available?

Currently, additional accessories are not sold separately. All included tools store onboard the CarpetXpertTM unit.

How does it compare to rented carpet cleaner machines?

The CarpetXpertTM often out-cleans rental units thanks to Shark’s latest cleaning innovations and always using fresh formula. It’s more convenient and economical long-term.


The CarpetXpertTM with StainstrikerTM represents a major advancement in deep carpet cleaning technology thanks to its powerful suction, high-pressure spray, extra-large tanks, and built-in spot cleaning abilities.

With Shark’s specialized detergents and innovative cleaning systems like StainStrikerTM and CarpetXpertTM technologies, this machine packs professional-grade performance perfect for revitalizing wall-to-wall carpets.

We hope this guide covered everything needed to choose, use, and maintain the Shark® CarpetXpertTM carpet cleaner. Say goodbye to unsightly stains and ground-in dirt! Give your carpets that just-cleaned look with this powerful deep cleaning system.

Specification: Shark ® CarpetXpert™ with Stainstriker™ Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner


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3.5" Reversible Bristle Tool



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Shark ® CarpetXpert™ with Stainstriker™ Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner
Shark ® CarpetXpert™ with Stainstriker™ Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner


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