Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum with DuoClean PowerFins, Crevice, Pet Multi-Tool


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Shark IZ462H Vertex Cordless Stick Vacuum – Lightweight and Powerful Cleaning for Carpet and Hard Floors

Experience effortless cleaning with the Shark IZ462H Vertex Cordless Stick Vacuum. This ultra-lightweight stick vac provides incredible suction power and runtime in a highly maneuverable package. Tackle embedded dirt, lift away debris, and pull in pet hair from any floor type using advanced DuoClean PowerFins.

The detachable handheld vacuum quickly cleans above-floor surfaces. MultiFLEX technology folds the wand for compact storage and expands your cleaning reach. Enjoy powerful, portable cleaning without cords holding you back.

Unmatched Suction Power Delivers Deep Cleaning

Innovative hypervelocity suction generates unbelievable cleaning performance from the Shark Vertex vacuum. The vacuum’s suction power lifts debris deep within carpets for a refreshed look.

Direct engagement on hard floors pulls in fine dust and dirt to reveal a polished shine. No crumbs or pet hair escapes the Vertex’s incredible suction capabilities. Cleaning performance is unmatched by any cordless stick vacuum.

DuoClean PowerFins – Ultimate Cleaning for Carpets and Hard Floors

The Shark Vertex features an advanced DuoClean PowerFins brushroll specially engineered to deep clean carpets and hard floors. Stiff bristles dig into carpets to dislodge embedded dirt. The soft front roller maintains constant floor contact to directly pull in debris.

Whatever the floor type, PowerFins delivers nonstop cleaning contact while the handheld vacuum cleans above-floor areas. No particle gets left behind, from dust and dander to stray hairs. You get a whole new level of clean!

Fade-Free Power for up to 60 Minutes of Runtime

Cordless cleaning calls for maximum battery power. The removable Lithium-ion battery provides consistent fade-free suction for up to 60 minutes of cleaning per charge.

No more weakening battery power when you need it most! The battery fuel gauge lets you monitor power levels. An extra battery can be purchased for limitless runtime.

Advanced Filtration Traps Allergens Inside

Keep dust and allergens from escaping back into the air. The vacuum utilizes complete anti-allergen seals plus a HEPA filter to trap fine particles.

The seals prevent leaks while the HEPA filter captures 99.9% of allergens and dander as small as 0.3 microns. Relief for allergy and asthma sufferers comes easy with this vacuum.

Transforms into a Portable Handheld Vacuum

The lightweight handheld vac detaches with the push of a button for portable cleaning power. Weighing less than 3 pounds, it quickly cleans stairs, upholstery, and hard-to-reach spots.

A stretch hose and integrated tools provide extended cleaning reach. Choose from the crevice tool to clean tight spaces or the pet multi-tool to lift hair from furniture.

Self-Cleaning Brushroll Eliminates Hair Wraps

Pet hair and long strands don’t stand a chance against the self-cleaning brushroll. Debris gets directed into the vacuum instead of wrapping around the bristles.

With the touch of a button, the integrated comb removes any tangled hairs to maintain optimal brushroll performance. No more annoying hand-cutting of wrapped strands!

MultiFLEX Technology Bends to Your Needs

The versatile cleaning wand flexes to suit your cleaning needs. Fold it down to store the vacuum in compact spaces. Extend the wand for hard-to-reach cleaning such as ceiling corners and tall drapes.

Detach the hand vac and attach it to the bottom of the wand to clean under furniture. Adjust the wand as needed to match the cleaning task. MultiFLEX technology optimizes your cleaning experience.

Intuitive Controls and Low-Profile Design

The control buttons on the handheld vac provide one-touch access to the self-cleaning brushroll and suction modes. The power/battery indicator lets you monitor runtime.

The vacuum’s low-profile cleaning head fits under furniture and beds to remove hidden debris. LED headlights illuminate dark areas. Maneuver and steer the lightweight stick vac with ease.

Engineered for Pet Owners

From stray kibble to pet beds, the Shark Vertex tackles any pet mess. The self-cleaning brushroll removes wrapped hair with the push of a button. No more manually unwinding strands.

Power through plush pet beds to lift away dander, hair, and debris. The multi-tool pulls fur off furniture. Keep your space tidy in between big vacuum sessions.

Review of Key Features

  • Hypervelocity suction power for deep carpet cleaning
  • DuoClean PowerFins optimized for carpets and hard floors
  • Up to 60 minutes of consistent fade-free runtime
  • Advanced HEPA filtration traps allergens
  • Converts to a portable handheld vacuum
  • Self-cleaning brushroll removes wrapped hair
  • MultiFLEX bendable wand folds for storage
  • Intuitive controls and low-profile design

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last?

It will run for up to 60 minutes on a full charge depending on usage.

Does the vacuum have a bag or bagless?

It has a bagless design with a removable dust cup that is emptied after use.

What’s included with the vacuum?

It comes with a crevice tool, pet multi-tool, anti-allergen brush, and charger.

Where is the Shark Vertex made?

Designed in the USA using domestic and foreign parts, assembled in China.

What is the warranty?

Shark provides a 5-year limited warranty on the vacuum.

Final Thoughts

The Shark IZ462H Vertex Cordless Vacuum delivers the cleaning performance of a premium corded stick vac with zero cords. Hypervelocity suction paired with the dual brushroll DuoClean PowerFins system gives carpets and floors an unmatched clean.

From stubborn pet hair to fine dust, this Shark vacuum has the suction capabilities to handle any cleaning job. Convenient cordless operation, advanced features, and Shark’s reputation ensure years of peak performance. Experience effortless daily cleaning with this innovative stick vac!


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Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum with DuoClean PowerFins, Crevice, Pet Multi-Tool
Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum with DuoClean PowerFins, Crevice, Pet Multi-Tool


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