Shark IQ Robot RV1100 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with WiFi and Home Mapping, Pet Hair Strong Suction with Alexa (Renewed)


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Smart Mapping Robot Vacuum – Shark IQ RV1100 with Alexa Voice Control

Take the effort out of vacuuming with the Shark IQ Robot RV1100. This robot vacuum featuring advanced mapping technology and powerful suction delivers total home cleaning with minimal effort on your part.

Just press clean or schedule entire floor plans via the mobile app. The SharkIQ maps your home, methodically cleans each room, and self-empties its base, allowing for weeks of hands- and hassle-free cleaning. Control is also available through Alexa or Google voice commands.

Key Features:

  • Total home mapping and selective room cleaning
  • Powerful suction tackles all floor types
  • Self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt
  • Self-cleaning brushroll removes pet hair & long hair
  • App and Alexa/Google voice control
  • Methodical row-by-row cleaning

Total Home Mapping with Selective Room Cleaning

The Shark IQ Robot creates total home maps, mapping out each room, hallway, and area in your home. Through the app, you can then select which specific rooms you want cleaned and which you want to exclude.

Using the maps, the robot methodically cleans room-by-room, row-by-row, navigating throughout your home to provide complete floor coverage. The robot avoids falling down stairs or bumping into furniture.

You can even label rooms within the app, such as “kitchen” or “Johnny’s room.” Just press clean on the app and watch it get to work.

Unbeatable Suction Power Lifts All Debris

Inside the robot is a high-performance vacuum system that delivers incredible suction power for picking up dirt, dust, pet hair, and large and small debris from carpets and hard floors.

Its strong suction is unmatched by any other Shark robot vacuum. The self-cleaning brush roll also removes long strands of pet hair or human hair, preventing tangles and maintaining optimal suction.

Wi-Fi Connected with App and Voice Control

The Shark IQ connects via Wi-Fi and can be controlled directly from your smartphone through the SharkClean app, compatible with iOS and Android.

Through the app, you can start/stop cleaning, schedule whole home cleanings, target spot cleanings, and monitor the robot’s status.

It also integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for handy voice control using an Echo Dot or other compatible device.

Self-Empty Base Holds a Month’s Worth of Dirt

The Shark IQ delivers true hands-free cleaning with its self-emptying base. The bagless base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris so you don’t have to think about emptying it.

The robot automatically empties itself after every cleaning. Simply empty the base every 30 days or when full. This allows you to enjoy weeks of continuous cleaning without daily maintenance.

Methodical Room-to-Room Cleaning

Using computed navigation, Shark IQ Robot Vacuums methodically clean each room by methodically moving back and forth in neatly organized rows.

The row-by-row cleaning ensures the robot covers every inch of the floor, cleaning thoroughly from wall to wall, on both carpets and hard floors. Once finished with a room, it travels to the next.

This eliminates the random “bump and run” cleaning pattern of lesser robots. The Shark IQ delivers complete, uniform coverage.

Avoid No-Go Zones

Through the mapping function, you can set virtual boundaries to keep the robot out of areas you don’t want cleaned. Use the app to designate “no-go zones” like pet bowls, rugs, or rooms.

The robot senses the invisible barriers and avoids those areas during cleaning. This prevents it from spraying pet bowls, knocking over valuables, or getting stuck.

You remain in complete control over where it cleans.

Advanced Navigation Sensors

The robot vacuum is equipped with sensors that help guide its path throughout your home:

  • Infrared sensors detect stairs and other drop-offs to avoid falls.
  • Bump sensors feel collision and redirect movement.
  • Lidar laser navigation maps rooms, guides the robot, and remembers where it’s been.

These sensors allow the Shark IQ to understand its surroundings and intelligently navigate floors for superb cleaning coverage.

Experience smart, hands-free cleaning with the Shark IQ Robot RV1100. Self-emptying, self-charging and self-cleaning, this robot vacuum allows you to go weeks without maintenance. Just press clean from anywhere and let the robot mop up messes for you.


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Shark IQ Robot RV1100 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with WiFi and Home Mapping, Pet Hair Strong Suction with Alexa (Renewed)
Shark IQ Robot RV1100 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with WiFi and Home Mapping, Pet Hair Strong Suction with Alexa (Renewed)


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