Shark IQ Robot RV1001_RV1100 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with WiFi and Home Mapping, Pet Hair Strong Suction with Alexa (Renewed)


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Shark IQ Robot Vacuum – WiFi Connected, Home Mapping, Powerful Suction, Ideal for Pet Hair (Renewed)

Experience next-level cleaning convenience with the Shark IQ robot vacuum. This smart robot maps your home, methodically cleans row-by-row, tackles embedded dirt and pet hair, and conveniently empties itself into the included base.

Enjoy whole-home coverage while you control cleaning anytime via smartphone app or voice control. Total home mapping, strong suction, self-cleaning brushroll, XL dust bin, high-efficiency filtration, and self-emptying base provide optimal autonomous cleaning.

This Amazon Renewed product is professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned to work and look like new, backed by a 90-day limited warranty.

Key Features:

  • Total Home Mapping– Uses laser navigation to map rooms, furniture, and create efficient cleaning paths.
  • Powerful Suction– Delivers incredible suction performance to deeply clean carpets and bare floors.
  • Ideal for Pet Hair– Self-cleaning brushroll removes tangled hair, powered lift-away fins dig out hair.
  • WiFi Connectivity– Schedule whole-home cleanings and control cleaning remotely via smartphone app.
  • Voice Control– Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to start cleaning using handy voice commands.
  • Self-Empty Base– Holds up to 30 days of debris. Bags self-seal to contain dust and allergens.
  • Row-by-Row Cleaning– Navigates in neat rows for complete floor coverage.
  • XL Dust Bin– Collects large debris and dirt for less frequent emptying.

Unbeatable Suction Power Lifts Away Stubborn Debris

With Shark’s powerful suction, the IQ Robot vacuum deeply cleans carpets and bare floors, lifting away dust, dirt, debris and embedded pet hair that hides deep in carpets.

The self-cleaning brushroll uses strong suction to actively remove tangled hair and debris as it cleans. Powered fins on the robot direct debris away from edges and into the cleaning path.

Navigate all floor types while capturing large and small debris, pet hair, allergens, crumbs, and more. No area is left with stuck-on debris!

Row-by-Row Navigation for Complete Coverage

Using advanced navigation technology, the IQ Robot methodically cleans your floors row-by-row for complete coverage.

Built-in mapping scans and learns the layout of your home, including the location of furniture, openings, and hallways. The robot vacuum navigates room to room, cleaning systematically around obstacles.

Enjoy thorough floor cleaning with less overlapping passes, for more efficient and complete floor coverage.

Total Home Mapping Shows Where It’s Cleaned

The LiDAR laser mapping system actively scans and maps your home to identify rooms, furniture placement, and the optimal cleaning path.

View intelligent Clean Maps on the SharkClean app showing rooms, cleaning path, and where cleaning is finished or still required. Use the maps to designate areas to clean or avoid.

With home mapping, the robot vacuum recognizes its location and cleans every section of floor thoroughly.

Convenient App & Voice Control

Easy-to-use app control allows you to schedule whole home cleanings, start cleaning and spot cleaning, locate robot, customize preferences, and more.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for handy voice commands. Just say “Alexa, tell Shark to clean the kitchen” or “Hey Google, start cleaning under the dining table”.

Automate your cleanings and enjoy hands-free control of your robot vacuum.

Lifts Away Stubborn Pet Hair & Debris

Dual multi-surface brushes provide continuous contact with floors to loosen and extract embedded fine debris and stubborn pet hair on carpets.

The self-cleaning brushroll actively removes tangled hair during cleaning so it doesn’t get wrapped around the brushes. Powered fin technology sweeps debris from corners and edges into the cleaning path.

Thoroughly remove pet hair, dander and allergens from floors. Keep your home fresh for family members and pets.

XL Dust Bin Holds More Debris

The extra-large 800ml dust bin provides significant holding capacity so you can clean multiple rooms without frequent emptying.

The top-loading debris bin makes disposal easy – just lift off the bin and empty debris straight into the trash after cleaning.

Spend less time emptying and more time cleaning with the XL dust bin.

High-Efficiency Air Filter

The specialized high-efficiency filter utilizes a multi-layered filtration system to trap fine debris and allergens inside the robot.

Filter captures pet dander, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and other irritants to create a healthier indoor environment.

Self-Empty Base for Hands-Free Debris Disposal

For the ultimate in cleaning convenience, use the auto-empty base that holds up to 30 days of debris.

After each cleaning run, the robot returns to base and automatically empties its dustbin into the base bag. Self-sealing bags securely trap dust and allergens.

Just replace the bag every 30 days or so. Enjoy hands-free, mess-free debris disposal!

Maintain Peak Performance

  • Regularly empty and replace dust bin bags to maintain strong suction.
  • Clean brushes, wheels, and sensors to remove tangled debris.
  • Rinse and air dry filters when dirty. Replace as needed.
  • Update WiFi connection and SharkClean app periodically.

Follow usage tips to keep your Shark IQ robot vacuum running in optimal condition for the best home cleaning experience.

What’s Included:

  • 1x Shark IQ Robot Vacuum RV1001
  • 1x Charging Dock
  • 1x Extra Filter
  • 1x Self-Empty Base
  • 4x Dust Bin Bags
  • 1x Cleaning Tool
  • Instruction Manual
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty

Satisfaction Promise

All Amazon Renewed products are backed by the 90-day Renewed Guarantee, giving you easy returns or replacements for defective products. Enjoy Shark quality with the peace of mind of Amazon’s returns policy.

Thorough testing ensures your renewed Shark robot vacuum looks and works like new. The included limited warranty covers manufacturer defects.

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Take convenience to the next level with Shark’s powerful and intelligent robot vacuum. Total home mapping, deep cleaning suction power, hands-free debris disposal, WiFi controls, and voice activation make house cleaning practically effortless.

Let this robot vacuum do the dirty work while you relax! It navigates neatly around furniture, tackles pet hair, and empties itself – no babysitting required.

Experience deeper, more thorough home cleaning without lifting a finger. Renewed by Amazon to meet strict quality standards, this robot vacuum looks and works like new.

Add autonomous cleaning power to your home today! This Shark IQ robot will revolutionize your floor care routine.


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Shark IQ Robot RV1001_RV1100 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with WiFi and Home Mapping, Pet Hair Strong Suction with Alexa (Renewed)
Shark IQ Robot RV1001_RV1100 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with WiFi and Home Mapping, Pet Hair Strong Suction with Alexa (Renewed)


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