Shark IQ Robot RV1001 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with Wifi and Home Mapping


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Shark IQ Robot RV1001 – Smart Mapping for Total Home Cleaning with Alexa Voice Control

Tackle daily debris across every floor type with the Shark IQ Robot RV1001 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum. This self-charging robot vacuum maps then expertly cleans your home with powerful suction and high-tech navigation.

Total home mapping allows you to customize which rooms are cleaned and when. Schedule whole-home cleanings or target specific areas that need attention. Just say “Alexa, tell Shark to start cleaning” for hands-free voice control.

With an extra-large dust bin and self-cleaning brushroll, the RV1001 handles embedded dirt, pet hair and everyday messes with ease. Experience truly automatic cleaning tailored to your home’s needs.

Total Home Mapping with Room Select

Using state-of-the-art mapping technology, the RV1001 methodically scans then maps the entirety of your home’s floor plan. This allows for total customization of the cleaning routine.

In the app, select which rooms you want cleaned and which you want to avoid. Set “no-go zones” around pet bowls, cords or other objects you want the robot to steer clear of.

You can even label rooms and customize cleaning schedules for each area. Bedrooms can be cleaned in the morning while high-traffic living spaces clean in the evening.

Powerful Suction Lifts Debris & Pet Hair

With incredible suction power, the RV1001 deep cleans carpets to lift embedded dirt, debris and pet hair. The bristle brush roll instantly engages on carpets to pull particles from deep within fibers.

For hard floors, the brush roll automatically turns off to prevent scattering of debris. Powerful suction removes surface-level dust and dirt with ease.

The extra-large dust bin means fewer trips to empty while cleaning large spaces. Just pop it out and dump the debris when full.

Self-Cleaning Brushroll Removes Pet Hair with Ease

The RV1001’s self-cleaning brushroll actively removes wrapped hair and debris as it cleans. No more stopping to cut out tangled pet hair or ribbon.

Rows of rubber fins on the brush roll grip hair and brush it off as it spins. This prevents buildup and clogs that can slow down cleaning.

Engineered for homes with pets, the self-cleaning brushroll provides nonstop hair removal across every vacuum. Tackle fur and lint with no interruptions.

Alexa and App Control for Hands-Free Cleaning

With your voice or the SharkClean app, control cleaning completely hands-free. Use Alexa voice commands or the app to start, stop, pause or dock cleaning.

Schedule whole-home cleanings or target set rooms. The RV1001 expertly cleans when and where you want then returns to its dock to recharge when finished.

Intelligent Navigation for Meticulous Floor Coverage

Using smart sensor navigation technology, the RV1001 vacuums in orderly rows across each room to cover every inch. It methodically maps then cleans row-by-row to prevent any areas being missed.

It seamlessly navigates room to room, recharging and resuming as needed. Obstacle detection sensors also prevent it from bumping into walls and furniture.

Why You’ll Love the Shark IQ RV1001 Robot Vacuum:

  • Total home mapping with room select cleaning
  • Powerful suction lifts debris and pet hair
  • Self-cleaning brushroll removes tangled hair
  • Works with Alexa for voice commands
  • Easy customization via mobile app
  • Meticulous floor coverage room by room
  • Large capacity dust bin
  • Recharges on its own as needed
  • Scheduled cleanings customize when and where it cleans

Give your floors a truly customized clean with the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum RV1001. Let the high-tech cleaning power do the work while you relax!


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Shark IQ Robot RV1001 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with Wifi and Home Mapping
Shark IQ Robot RV1001 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with Wifi and Home Mapping


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