Shark EX201 CarpetXpert Upright Carpet, Area Rug & Upholstery Cleaner with StainStriker, Built-in Spot & Stain Cleaner


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Deep Clean Carpets and Eliminate Tough Stains

Experience professional-grade carpet cleaning right in your home with the Shark CarpetXpert. This powerful carpet cleaner packs vigorous scrubbing and strong suction to lift away dirt, stains and allergens trapped deep in carpet fibers. The built-in spot cleaner with StainStriker technology instantly eliminates tough stains that other cleaners leave behind.

Best Carpet Cleaning Power

Shark’s CarpetXpert technology combines robust suction power, high-pressure spray and a powered brush roll to deliver deep cleaning performance beyond any other carpet cleaner. Together, these advanced systems force water deep into the carpet to loosen and remove ground-in dirt that vacuum cleaners miss.

Powerful suction immediately extracts dirty water for fast drying times. The motorized brush scrub scrubs carpet fibers to lift up stubborn dirt, stains, and allergens embedded below the surface. Enjoy professional-grade cleaning results without renting a cumbersome unit.

Built-In Spot Cleaner with StainStriker

The CarpetXpert doubles as a portable spot cleaner for stairs, upholstery and isolated stains. A built-in flex hose and sprayer allow you to pre-treat spots and stains easily.

Shark’s exclusive StainStriker technology mixes two stain-fighting formulas that activate on contact. This dual-activated chemistry provides 20X more stain-fighting power to instantly remove spots and odors that other cleaners can’t touch.

Superior Stain Removal

Stubborn stains from food, drinks, pets, smoke and more are no match for the CarpetXpert’s cleaning capabilities. StainStriker technology’s oxygen-activated formula lifts away old, set-in stains that have persisted through other cleaning attempts.

The spot cleaner powerfully cleans carpets, stairs, upholstery, pet beds and other high-traffic areas. Permanently eliminate spots and odors for good with this convenient 2-in-1 carpet cleaner.

Lightweight Maneuverability

At just 18 pounds, the CarpetXpert carpet cleaner is easy to push and carry upstairs to clean all rooms thoroughly. The extra-long 25-foot power cord allows you to clean large areas without unplugging.

Quickly tackle high-traffic areas, hallways, stairs, and any carpeted space. Shark’s portable, lightweight design avoids the bulky hassle of renting a traditional carpet cleaner.

Key Features:

  • CarpetXpert scrubbing technology
  • Built-in spot cleaner with StainStriker
  • Professional-grade cleaning performance
  • Permanently removes stains and odors
  • Large tank capacity with easy fill/empty
  • Lightweight at just 18 lbs
  • 25-ft power cord


  • Brand:Shark
  • Model:EX201
  • Weight:18 lbs
  • Cord Length:25 ft
  • Tank Capacity:1 quarts
  • Cleaning Path:10 inches
  • Flow Rate:High pressure spray
  • Brush System:Powered brush roll
  • Tools Included:Upholstery tool, crevice tool
  • Stain Removers:CarpetXpert, StainStriker
  • Dimensions:2 x 12 x 43.5 inches

Effortless Carpet Cleaning:

The Shark CarpetXpert makes carpet cleaning simple with features like:

  • Easy-to-fill clean water tank
  • Separate dirty water tank
  • Quick dry times
  • Lightweight comfort-grip handle
  • Transparent windows show fluid levels
  • Collapsible handle
  • Onboard cord wrap

Rave Customer Reviews:

Customers consistently rate the CarpetXpert 5 stars for its stain busting effectiveness and deep cleaning power:

“This machine’s cleaning power blows away any rental unit I’ve used! It’s amazing how much dirt it pulls out of carpets.”

“The built-in spot cleaner with StainStriker is a game changer. I can finally get rid of old stains that have been there for years.”

“My carpets are brighter and fluffier than the day they were installed. This carpet cleaner really works miracles!”

“As pet owners, we rely on this carpet cleaner to remove cat stains permanently. It has never let us down.”

“It’s so easy to use and does such an incredible job cleaning. My carpets have never looked and smelled this clean before!”


With unmatched carpet cleaning performance plus the power to eliminate stubborn stains, the Shark CarpetXpert is the ultimate carpet care machine. Experience professional-grade cleaning whenever you want with this lightweight, powerful floor cleaner. Breathe new life into dingy carpets and permanently remove spots and odors using shark’s advanced carpet care technology.


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Shark EX201 CarpetXpert Upright Carpet, Area Rug & Upholstery Cleaner with StainStriker, Built-in Spot & Stain Cleaner
Shark EX201 CarpetXpert Upright Carpet, Area Rug & Upholstery Cleaner with StainStriker, Built-in Spot & Stain Cleaner


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