Shark CZ351 Pet Canister Vacuum

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Shark Vacuum®

Product Dimensions

17.7"L x 14.2"W x 49.2"H

Item Weight

17.2 pounds


120 Volts


1.9 Quarts


850 watts

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Conquer Pet Hair with the Shark CZ351 Canister Vacuum

As a pet owner, you know the constant battle against fur and hair covering every surface. From tumbleweeds of hair blowing across floors to blankets of fur on furniture, pets can create messy havoc. But your new secret weapon has arrived – the Shark CZ351 Pet Canister Vacuum.

This powerful bagless canister vac is specially engineered to pull pet hair from every nook and cranny. Its deep-cleaning suction and innovative brushroll leave floors and furniture hair-free. Read on to see why the CZ351 is a must-have for pet owners.

PowerFins Technology – Nonstop Pet Hair Pickup

The key to this canister’s exceptional pet hair cleaning is the PowerFins brushroll. Most vacuums have bristle brushrolls that can snag and wrap strands of hair, leading to clogs and jams.

But the CZ351 has a unique PowerFins nozzle that provides continuous contact with surfaces to grab more hair with each pass. The V-shaped fins on the brushroll prevent hair wrap by actively repelling and sending hair into the vacuum.

No more pausing to cut tangled fur off the brushroll! The PowerFins are engineered to deliver nonstop pet hair removal across all surface types. Plus powerful LED headlights illuminate hidden fur lurking in dark corners and under furniture.

Say goodbye to hair wrap headaches and clean deeper than ever with this innovative PowerFins technology.

Tackle Tight Spaces with a Flexible Wand

Another signature feature of the CZ351 is the MultiFLEX wand that bends to reach under furniture and into tight spaces. The flexible neck makes cleaning under beds, sofas, and shelves a breeze.

You can even fold the wand completely in half for compact storage. No more struggling and bending to maneuver a rigid wand under furniture. The MultiFLEX technology provides easy access to hard-to-reach spots where dust and hair hides.

The 25 foot hose also stretches to clean stairs, ceiling corners, drapes and more without lugging the canister. Together with the MultiFLEX wand, you can tackle every inch of your home.

Allergen Trapping for a Healthier Home

For pet owners with allergies, the CZ351 provides serious relief. It utilizes complete seal HEPA filtration to capture and contain 99.9% of dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens.

The advanced filtration system combines a HEPA filter, foam filter, and felt gasket ring to trap microscopic particles. Nothing gets kicked back into the air you breathe.

Now you can vacuum away those pesky allergy triggers and keep them locked securely inside the vacuum. Breathe a little easier with this pet vacuum that traps irritants while maintaining powerful suction.

Maneuverable and Ultra-Lightweight

Even though it packs robust suction power, the CZ351 weighs just 9 pounds. The lightweight canister body glides easily behind you as you clean different rooms.

Smooth-rolling wheels provide effortless maneuverability around and under furniture. The swivel steering responds instantly to your wrist motions allowing you to navigate tight spaces and corners with ease.

Carrying the canister up and down stairs or moving it between rooms is hassle-free thanks to the agile, ultra-lightweight body. Yet it still drives deep cleaning power right where you need it.

Customizable Cleaning Settings

The integrated LED Smart Display on the CZ351 allows you to customize your clean. Easily adjust suction power between bare floors and carpets with the touch buttons.

You can also turn the brushroll on and off as needed for gentle bare floor cleaning. The digital display clearly indicates your chosen settings.

With convenient fingertip controls, you can match the suction and brushroll combo to the cleaning job at hand. Tackle fine dust and debris on hard floors before revving up to deep clean carpets and rugs.

Specialized Pet Tools Included

To target pet hair in hard-to-reach spots, the CZ351 comes with two handy specialized tools:

  • Upholstery Tool – The motorized brush makes quick work of removing pet hair, dust and dander from furniture, pet beds, stairs and more.
  • Pet Crevice Tool – The narrow shape fits into tight spaces to vacuum pet hair and debris that accumulates along baseboards, between couch cushions, and around chair legs.

These bonus accessories allow you to customize your clean for pet hair hot spots and tight spaces.

Key Specs of the Shark CZ351

Before bringing this canister vac home, it’s helpful to know a few key specifications:

  • Dimensions: 17.7 x 14.2 x 49.2 inches
  • Weight: 17.2 pounds
  • Cord length: 25 feet
  • Dust cup capacity: 1.9 quarts
  • Noise level: around 60-70 dB

Understanding the dimensions, weight, cord length and other specs ensures the CZ351 is a good fit for your home. But the pet-friendly power contained in this small package is mightier than it looks!

Match Your Needs to the Shark CZ351

With its specialized pet hair cleaning technologies, the CZ351 is an ideal fit for:

  • Homes with indoor pets that leave hair everywhere
  • Households needing serious allergen filtration
  • Pet owners tired of hair wrap on brushrolls
  • Cleaning hard-to-reach tight spaces under furniture
  • Quickly removing hair from stairs, furniture and more
  • Those seeking an affordable canister vacuum

Pet owners will love how the CZ351 pulverizes pet hair without problematic clogs or jams. The flexible wand provides access to every area fur lingers. And the bagless design means no ongoing costs for replacement bags.

FAQs About the Shark CZ351

How often should I replace the filters?

Rinse and air dry the foam and felt filters every 3 months. Plan to replace the HEPA filter every year or so with regular use. Using official Shark filters preserves performance.

Where can I buy replacement parts and filters?

Shark replacement components and filters are sold on the Shark website and Amazon. Only use genuine Shark filters to maintain the vacuum’s suction power and filtration.

Why is my CZ351 not picking up as well?

If you notice a drop in suction, first check that the dust cup isn’t overfilled. Also remove any blockages in the hose, tools or intake opening. Rinsing clogged filters can also help restore suction.

How does the CZ351 compare to the Dyson V8?

The Shark CZ351 has greater suction power at 850 watts versus the Dyson V8’s 115 watts. It also has a larger dust capacity and longer hose for whole home cleaning. But the Dyson V8 offers cordless convenience.

What are the pros and cons of bagged canister vacuums?

Bagged models prevent exposure to dust when emptying but require buying bags. Bagless canisters like the CZ351 avoid replacement bags but the dust cup needs regular emptying. Either option has trade-offs.

Embrace Effortless Pet Hair Cleaning

The Shark CZ351 combines innovative cleaning technologies and easy maneuverability into one pet-friendly package. With its tangle-free PowerFins brushroll, flexible wand and deep cleaning power, it’s the end to hair wrap headaches.

Visit to see this canister vac in action picking up piles of pet hair with ease. Then order the Shark CZ351 to kick pet hair out of your home for good and breathe easier along the way!

Shark CZ351 Pet Canister Vacuum
Shark CZ351 Pet Canister Vacuum


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