Shark CZ2001 Vertex Canister Vacuum

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Shark Vacuum®

Product Dimensions

17.7"L x 14.2"W x 49.2"H

Item Weight

17.8 pounds


120 Volts


1.9 Quarts


850 watts

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Dominate Messes with the Shark Vertex Canister Vacuum

As a homeowner, you need a vacuum that can conquer every cleaning challenge imaginable. From fine dust on hardwood to ground-in dirt in carpeting, only a versatile high-powered vac will do. Allow us to introduce the next-level cleaning of the Shark Vertex Canister Vacuum.

This ultra-powered bagless canister vac packs serious dirt-destroying abilities into a nimble body. Its deep-cleaning suction and tangle-free brushroll leave floors impeccably clean and hair-free. Read on to see why the Vertex is the canister vac you’ve been waiting for.

Dual PowerFins – Continuous Cleaning Contact

The Vertex comes equipped with Shark’s innovative PowerFins brushroll technology. Most vacuums have bristle brushrolls that can miss dirt and get tangled with hair. But PowerFins provide continuous contact with floor surfaces to grab more dust, debris and pet hair.

The V-shaped PowerFins actively dig deeper into carpet fibers pulling up stubborn dirt. On bare floors, the PowerFins scrub and polish while directly engaging the surface. There are no interruptions or missed spots in cleaning.

When paired with strong suction power, the PowerFins deliver nonstop picking up of messes on both carpets and hard floors. No speck stands a chance against this constant cleaning action.

Self-Cleaning Brushroll – No More Hair Wrap

As a pet owner, you know the headache of vacuuming up hair only to have it tangle and wrap around the brushroll. Not only does it look unsightly, but it also impairs cleaning performance. Who has time to stop and cut hair off the brushes?

The Vertex’s self-cleaning brushroll ends this annoying hair wrap problem for good. It actively removes and sends hair into the dust cup while vacuuming. No need to pause your cleaning to remove tangled strands!

The innovative design channels airflow through the bristles to lift and push out wrapped hair before it can get stuck. Say goodbye to clogs and enjoy nonstop pet hair pickup effortlessly.

Bend and Flex to Clean Every Spot

Have you ever strained your back or wrists trying to vacuum under low furniture or reach into tight spaces? The Vertex’s versatile MultiFLEX wand takes the strain out of cleaning hard-to-access areas.

The flexible wand bends to reach under beds, sofas, tables, and chairs with ease. No more awkward bending and maneuvering stiff wands!

You can even fold the wand completely in half for compact storage when not in use. And the 25 foot hose reaches ceiling corners, drapes, stairs and more without lugging around the canister. Clean every last inch easily!

Allergen Trapping Filtration

For those with allergies and respiratory issues aggravated by dust, the Vertex can help you breathe easier. It utilizes complete seal HEPA filtration to capture 99.9% of dust, pollen, pet dander and other microscopic allergens.

Nothing gets kicked back into the air you breathe to trigger sneezing and wheezing. A true HEPA filter, foam filter and felt gasket seal in irritants.

Now you can vacuum away pesky allergens without stirring them up in the process. The Vertex maintains powerful suction while trapping allergens securely inside.

Smooth-Gliding and Ultra-Light

Even though the Vertex drives heavyweight cleaning power, it weighs just 9 pounds for unmatched portability and ease of use.

The lightweight canister body smoothly glides behind you from room to room, easily maneuvering with swivel steering. Smooth-rolling wheels provide effortless control.

You can even lift and carry the canister anywhere with little effort. Tackle cleaning stairs, upholstery, curtains and more without hauling a heavy machine. The versatile cleaning extends beyond floors to every surface.

Match the Clean to the Mess

Sometimes you need an intense clean, and other times a gentle sweep will do. The integrated LED Smart Display on the Vertex allows you to customize the clean.

Easily adjust suction power between bare floors and carpets with the touch buttons. Also turn the brushroll on and off when needed. The bright LED screen clearly displays your chosen settings.

With convenient fingertip controls, you can match the suction and brushroll combo to the cleaning job. Clean effectively on any surface while avoiding scuffs on delicate floors.

Specialized Pet Hair Tools

To target pet hair lurking in tight spaces and fabric surfaces, the Vertex comes with two handy specialized tools:

  • Upholstery Tool – The motorized brush makes quick work of lifting pet hair from furniture, cushions, pet beds, and stairs. No area goes untouched.
  • Pet Crevice Tool – The slim crevice tool fits into tight nooks and crannies to vacuum pesky pet hair and debris that hide and accumulate in corners, crevices and between couch cushions.

These bonus accessories allow you to customize your clean for pet hair hot spots.

Key Specs of the Vertex Canister

To decide if the Vertex is the right canister vacuum for your home, check out these key specifications:

  • Dimensions – 17.7 x 14.2 x 49.2 inches
  • Weight – 17.8 pounds
  • Cord length – 25 feet
  • Dust cup capacity – 1.9 quarts
  • Noise level – around 80 dB on highest setting

With its robust cleaning abilities contained in a nimble body, the Vertex offers the best of all worlds.

Match Your Cleaning Needs to the Vertex

The Vertex truly shines in homes that need:

  • Serious allergen filtration to capture irritating dust and pet dander
  • Nonstop pet hair pickup across floors and furniture
  • Easy cleaning under and around furniture
  • Full floor-to-ceiling cleaning versatility
  • Deep carpet cleaning combined with gentle hard floor cleaning
  • An affordable canister vacuum with premium features

From stubborn pet hair to hidden dust bunnies, this bagless canister vacuum can handle it all.

Commonly Asked Questions

How often should the filters be replaced?

Plan to rinse the foam and felt filters every 3 months. Replace the HEPA filter annually for optimal performance.

Where can I buy replacement parts and filters?

Shark replacement components and filters can be found on and Amazon. Using genuine Shark filters maintains suction power.

Why does my Vertex have weak suction?

Check for blockages in the hose, tools, intake opening or brushroll. Rinse filters if they are dirty. And empty the dust bin when full. Taking these steps can restore lost suction.

Can the Vertex be used on hard floors?

Yes, the soft roller is safe for hardwood, vinyl, tiles and laminate. Just turn off the brushroll and lower the suction as needed.

How does it compare to bagged canister models?

The Vertex offers similar robust cleaning without ongoing costs of buying replacement bags. But some prefer bagged models to avoid dust exposure when emptying.

Experience Next-Level Cleaning

With unmatched versatility, powerful suction and premium features, the Shark Vertex takes canister vacuum cleaning to the next level. No mess stands a chance against this cleaning warrior!

Visit to see this canister vacuum dominate pet hair and deep clean carpets effortlessly. Bring the Vertex home to take your floors from fur-filled to fabulous in no time!

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Shark CZ2001 Vertex Canister Vacuum
Shark CZ2001 Vertex Canister Vacuum


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