SHARK AZ1501 Apex Powered Lift Away Upright Vacuum with DuoClean

  • Powered Lift-Away Vacuum Unit
  • Detachable Canister Pod
  • DuoClean PowerFins Brushroll Head
  • Crevice Tool
  • Pet Multi-Tool
  • Wand


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SHARK AZ1501 Apex Powered Lift Away Upright Vacuum with DuoClean & Self-Cleaning Brushroll for Deep Cleaning Carpets and Hard Floors

Reviewer’s Title: A Powerful and Versatile Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Whole Home Deep Cleaning


The Shark AZ1501 Apex Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum is a feature-packed upright vacuum cleaner designed to deliver powerful deep cleaning performance on carpets and hard floors throughout your home.

This renewed upright vacuum comes professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned to work and look like-new. The Shark Apex AZ1501 features the innovative DuoClean cleaning head with dual brushrolls and no-wrap technology to actively lift and remove embedded dirt and hair from carpets and directly engage floors for a polished look. It also has a lift-away detachable pod for convenient above floor, portable, and under furniture cleaning.

With powerful suction and multiple cleaning modes, this Shark upright vacuum is ideal for whole home deep cleaning and perfect for pet owners. Read on for an in-depth look at the features and performance of the Shark AZ1501 Apex vacuum.

Powerful Suction for Deep Cleaning

At the core of the Apex AZ1501’s excellent cleaning performance is strong suction power produced by the lifted-away power unit. The lift-away pod houses a large capacity dust cup and sealed HEPA filtration system that traps over 99.9% of dust and allergens.

Shark’s anti-allergen complete seal technology and HEPA filter work together to keep dust and debris securely locked inside the vacuum and out of the air you breathe. The suction power remains strong and constant thanks to the large capacity dust cup which allows you to clean large areas without stopping to empty frequently.

DuoClean Head with No Hair Wrap Technology

The DuoClean head is equipped with two specialized brushrolls that work together to actively lift and remove embedded dirt, dust, pet hair, and allergens from carpets and deep clean bare floors from grout lines to edges.

The bristle brushroll deep cleans carpets by gently lifting and engaging each fiber. It features no hair wrap technology which uses specially designed bristles to remove and actively prevent pet hair, long hair, and stringy debris from wrapping around the brushroll.

The second soft roller brush provides a polished bare floor cleaning experience by directly engaging floors from small particles to large debris. The DuoClean head can easily transition between floor types for whole home cleaning.

Lift-Away Pod for Portability

One of the Apex AZ1501’s standout features is the lift-away detachable pod which allows you to lift the pod away from the cleaner head and wand to easily clean above floor areas. The lift-away pod contains the power unit, dust cup, filters, and attachments.

By detaching the pod, you can conveniently clean stairs, ceilings, upholstery, drapes, furniture, and under appliances without having to carry the vacuum’s full weight. The lift-away pod adds great versatility and makes accessing hard-to-reach areas a breeze.

Versatile Cleaning Modes and Tools

This Shark upright vacuum is designed for whole home deep cleaning with multiple floor settings and accessories. For carpets, use the deep carpet cleaning mode which provides an optimal brushroll speed to lift and remove embedded dirt from fibers.

For bare floors, switch to the hard floor setting which shuts off the brushroll and allows the soft roller to smoothly glide across floors for a polished look. Edge-to-edge cleaning ensures no debris is left behind.

Included accessories like the crevice tool, pet multi-tool, and wand help you clean tight spaces, upholstery, ceilings, and more. The versatile cleaning options allow you to tackle any mess on any surface.

Advanced Features for Convenience

  • LED Headlights– Bright LED lights illuminate debris and dark areas under furniture to help you see dirt that would normally be missed.
  • Swivel Steering– The vacuum head smoothly swivels for excellent maneuverability and control when cleaning around furniture and in tight spaces.
  • 30ft Cord Length– A generous 30 foot power cord provides a large cleaning radius so you can vacuum large rooms without unplugging.
  • Anti-Allergen Dust Brush– The integrated dusting brush on the handle is perfect for removing dust and hair from furniture surfaces between deep cleanings.
  • Noise Reduction– Advanced noise reduction technology provides a quieter operation for peaceful cleaning.

What’s Included

The Shark AZ1501 Apex upright vacuum includes the following accessories:

  • Powered Lift-Away Vacuum Unit
  • Detachable Canister Pod
  • DuoClean PowerFins Brushroll Head
  • Crevice Tool
  • Pet Multi-Tool
  • Wand

Ideal for Pet Owners

With powerful pick up performance, specialized pet hair tools, and no hair wrap technology, the Shark Apex AZ1501 is an excellent choice for pet owners. The DuoClean PowerFins head provides two levels of bristleless cleaning to actively remove embedded pet hair from carpets while preventing tangles.

The included Pet Multi-Tool has rubber fins on one side to remove stubborn pet hair and a bristle brush on the other for upholstery. Keep your home’s carpets, rugs, bare floors and fabrics free of pet hair and dander with this Shark upright vacuum.

Why Choose Shark Apex AZ1501?

  • Powerful Suction– Deep cleans carpets and hard floors
  • DuoClean Head– No hair wrap dual brushroll for floors
  • Lift-Away– Portable cleaning for floors to ceilings
  • Whole Home Cleaning– Tools and accessories for every mess
  • Advanced Features– Swivel steering, LED lights, and more
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty– For worry-free performance

Experience a Deeper Clean with the Shark Apex AZ1501

With strong pick up performance, innovative cleaning technologies, and great versatility, the Shark AZ1501 Apex upright vacuum is designed to deliver superior whole home cleaning. This Amazon Renewed vacuum offers the deep cleaning performance of a brand new Shark Apex model but at a more affordable price point.

Expect excellent pick up on carpets and bare floors with the actively cleaning DuoClean PowerFins head. Easily clean above floor areas with the detachable lift-away canister. And rely on the sealed HEPA filtration system to trap dust and allergens.

If you want a powerful, do-it-all upright vacuum that can tackle embedded dirt in carpets, large debris on floors, and everything in between, the Shark Apex AZ1501 is an ideal choice. Experience deeper, whole home cleaning today with this feature-packed and versatile Shark upright vacuum.


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SHARK AZ1501 Apex Powered Lift Away Upright Vacuum with DuoClean
SHARK AZ1501 Apex Powered Lift Away Upright Vacuum with DuoClean


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