Shark Al Robot RV2001, WiFi Connected, Robot Vacuum with AI Laser Vision – Gray (Renewed)

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Shark Al Robot Vacuum with AI Laser Vision – WiFi Connected Mapping for Smarter Navigation (Renewed)

Experience next-level robotic cleaning convenience with the Shark Al Robot Vacuum. This Amazon Renewed model pairs powerful suction with AI laser vision technology for smart navigation.

Advanced mapping and navigation guided by lasers allows the Al Robot to expertly clean room to room, avoiding objects and navigating obstacles. WiFi connectivity provides full app and voice control for mess-free automated cleaning!

AI Laser Navigation for Smarter Cleaning Paths

Tired of robots that bump around randomly and miss spots? The Shark Al uses state-of-the-art AI laser vision technology to actively map your home and intelligently navigate.

Multiple onboard lasers scan and identify objects like furniture to optimize cleaning paths. The AI-powered mapping system learns the layout of your home and efficiently cleans room-to-room, row-by-row.

Intelligently Detects and Avoids Obstacles

With advanced lasers tracking its surroundings, the Shark Al sees and avoids obstacles like shoes, phone chargers and pet toys. No more unexpected tangles or getting stuck.

You can also use the app to conveniently designate “no-go zones” to keep the robot away from fragile objects or restricted areas. Enjoy carefree cleaning without worrying about collisions.

Powerful Suction Tackles All Types of Debris

Don’t let the compact size fool you – the Shark Al delivers incredible suction power to deeply clean carpets and bare floors. Easily lift away debris like dust, dirt, pet hair and large particles.

The well-designed cleaning head provides edge-to-edge suction across its width to actively grab and remove debris. With constant suction, it pulls in dust and dirt other robots leave behind.

Tri-Brush Cleaning System

To thoroughly clean all floor types and surface debris, the Al uses a specialized 3-part brush system:

  • Bristle main brush digs into carpets to extract dust and dirt
  • Soft rubber rollers sweep up debris from hard floors
  • Dual spinning side brushes gather particles from edges and corners

No Hair Wrap – Self-Cleaning Brushroll

Pet hair and long strands getting tangled in the brushes is a nuisance with robot vacuums. The Shark Al’s self-cleaning brushroll actively removes any wrapped debris so hair and string don’t accumulate.

The integrated comb on the roller grabs and pulls out hairs, lint, strings before they can wrap. You don’t have to pause your robot to cut out tangles!

WiFi Connectivity and App Controls

The free SharkClean mobile app makes it easy to schedule whole-home cleanings whenever is convenient. Or use the app to start an immediate clean with just the touch of a button.

In addition to scheduling, the app allows you to designate cleaning areas via room maps. Focus cleans in high traffic zones or anywhere that needs attention.

Voice Control with Alexa and Google Assistant

For the ultimate hands-free experience, the Shark Al responds to voice commands when paired with Alexa or Google Assistant. Just say “Alexa/Hey Google, tell Shark to start cleaning” and it will begin.

Voice activation makes starting cleans even more effortless. Take advantage of full app and voice functionality for next-level cleaning convenience.

What is Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed products are thoroughly inspected and tested to work and look like new. All purchases are backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee so you can shop with confidence.

What’s Included:

  • Shark Al Robot Vacuum
  • Charging Dock
  • (2) Side Brushes
  • (2) Foam Filters

Experience smarter robotic cleaning with the Shark Al Robot Vacuum. Advanced navigation guided by AI laser vision allows for expert room cleaning and obstacle avoidance. This Amazon Renewed model delivers high-tech performance at an amazing value!


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