Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop with Matrix Clean Navigation


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Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop – Certified Refurbished with Advanced Navigation and Mopping

Experience Effortless Whole-Home Cleaning with this Smart Robot Vacuum from Shark – Now Available Renewed

Tired of constantly having to vacuum and mop to keep floors clean? Allow us to introduce the Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop, now available certified refurbished. This advanced robot vacuum utilizes powerful suction, precision navigation and sonic mopping to deliver deep cleaning across carpets and hard floors.

With smart home connectivity, you can customize cleaning schedules, target specific rooms or high traffic areas, and activate the robot with simple voice commands. Thanks to Amazon Renewed, you can get this top-rated Shark robot vacuum at a discounted price point while backed by a 90-day guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Powerful suction tackles embedded dirt, dust and pet hair
  • Matrix Clean Navigation provides methodical, multi-pass cleaning
  • Sonic mopping scrubs floors 100x per minute to remove stuck-on messes
  • LiDAR mapping scans rooms to detect obstacles and build efficient cleaning paths
  • Voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Edge cleaning mode targets dirt buildup along baseboards and walls
  • Self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of debris
  • Certified Renewed with a 90-day guarantee

Navigate Smarter, Clean Deeper

Tired of robots that seem to bump around aimlessly while missing spots? The Shark AI Ultra navigates intelligently to provide complete floor to ceiling cleaning. Matrix Clean Navigation allows the robot to methodically scan and map rooms using LiDAR laser scanning.

It uses this mapping data to calculate efficient cleaning paths in neat rows across floors. The robot methodically makes repeated passes over each area to lift away dirt, dust and debris from multiple angles. This matrix style cleaning coverage ensures no spots get missed.

Customize scheduled cleanings via the app to target high traffic rooms or run an extra vacuuming cycle during peak shedding season. You can also activate a deep cleaning Zones cycle in stubborn spots like under the kitchen table. Enjoy consistently cleaner floors with this smart navigation robot.

Scrub Away Sticky Messes

While the powerful suction tackles dust and debris, the motorized mop pads scrub hard floors to remove stuck-on gunk. Sonic mopping oscillates the cleaning pad 100 times per second to break the sticky bond between messes and floors.

This high-frequency scrubbing lifts away stubborn dried spills, dirt buildup in crevices, and other sticky spots that vacuum suction alone often leaves behind. Initiating a Matrix Mop Zones cycle doubles the number of passes and scrubbing to dissolve really stubborn spots.

Dual spinning brushrolls and an edge cleaning nozzle ensure the robot reaches dirt tucked into corners and along baseboards. No more having to follow behind with a scrub brush – this robot vacuum mops floors sparkling clean!

Engineered for Homes with Pets

Between shedding fur, scattered food, accidents and mud, pets can really dirty up floors. The Shark AI Ultra is specially engineered to handle the unique cleaning needs of pet owners.

Powerful suction lifts pet hair from carpets and rugs while a self-cleaning brushroll prevents tangles. Sonic mopping scrubs away dried-on mud, food debris and sticky pet messes from hard floors.

The XL dust bin and self-emptying base provide extended cleaning before needing to be emptied. Just dump debris from the bagless base bin every 30 days. Keep floors cleaner in between regular mopping and vacuuming with this robot designed for pet owners.

Certified Refurbished from Shark

Thanks to Amazon Renewed, you can purchase this top-rated Shark robot vacuum at a significant discount. This certified refurbished model has undergone Shark’s stringent refurbishment process. Any defective modules are replaced so it meets the same standards as a brand new vacuum.

Here is what you can expect with a Renewed Shark robot vacuum:

  • Inspection and replacement of any faulty parts
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitization
  • Testing and repackaging by Shark technicians
  • All accessories and manuals are included
  • Backed by a 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee

Enjoy the same deep cleaning performance and convenient maintenance at a more affordable price point. This robot vacuum comes professionally inspected and tested by Shark, and is backed by a 90-day Amazon Renewed guarantee.

Experience Whole-Home Cleaning on Autopilot

With powerful suction, high-frequency mopping and specialized navigation, the Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum eliminates hassle while delivering deep cleaning results across all floor types.

Let the robot vacuum carpets, mop hard floors and empty its own debris for months of hands-free cleaning. Customize cleaning schedules from your phone and activate extra cleaning cycles with simple voice commands.

Thanks to Amazon Renewed, you can purchase this top-rated robot vacuum at a significant discount with the same 90-day guarantee as a brand new model. Experience smarter, hands-free cleaning throughout your home with the Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop!


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Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop with Matrix Clean Navigation
Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop with Matrix Clean Navigation


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