Shark AI Robot Vacuum, Smart Mapping_Scheduling_Pet Hair Pick Up_Logical Navigation, Black_Silver (RV2001), Carpet


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Shark AI Robot Vacuum – Smart Home Mapping and Navigation for Complete Floor Cleaning

Experience next-level convenience with the Shark AI Robot Vacuum RV2001. This intelligent robot vacuum maps your home, methodically cleans room to room, and empties itself – completely hands-free! Just press clean or use voice commands. Advanced navigation avoids objects for comprehensive floor coverage.

Smart Laser Navigation Maps and Cleans Methodically

The Shark AI Robot Vacuum is equipped with state-of-the-art LiDAR laser navigation. As the robot vacuums, it precisely scans and maps the layout of your home. Using the mapping data, the robot systematically cleans in neat rows, room by room.

Lasers detect objects like furniture and play toys 4 inches and taller to avoid bumping and getting stuck. Even in pitch black, the robot vacuum navigates and cleans thanks to AI laser vision. No random bumping into walls or getting lost under tables.

Powerful Suction Tackles All Kinds of Debris

Strong suction lifts away debris, dirt, dust, and pet hair from carpets and hard floors. The self-cleaning brushroll grabs onto hair and bristles sweep away fine particles.

When extra cleaning power is needed, activate UltraClean mode in the app. It provides an intense 30% boost in suction for stubborn debris and high-traffic areas. Power through messes with ease!

Cleans Whenever and Wherever You Want

The SharkClean app and voice commands provide effortless control from anywhere. Schedule whole home cleanings or target specific rooms or zones. Activation is as easy as saying “Alexa/Google, tell Shark to start cleaning.”

Send the robot to clean high-traffic areas on demand with the tap of a button. Multi-directional cleaning scrubs carpets clean. Customize cleaning exactly how you want it.

Self-Emptying Base Keeps It Cleaning

Forget about frequently emptying dust bins. The Shark AI robot vacuum automatically empties itself into the included charging base after each run.

The bagless base can hold up to 30 days’ worth of dirt and debris collected by the robot. Keep your floors spotless without ever bending down to empty the robot vacuum.

Designed for Homes with Pets

From shedding fur to stray kibbles, the Shark AI robot vacuum is ready to tackle any pet mess. The self-cleaning brushroll actively removes wrapped hair so it can keep on cleaning.

Powerful suction lifts pet hair from deep within carpet fibers and directly engages floors for a polished look. You and your pets can roam freely without worrying about the robot vacuum spreading mess around.

Stay in Control with the SharkClean App

The easy-to-use SharkClean app provides smart home integration and control options. Schedule whole-home cleans or target certain rooms and zones based on generated smart maps.

Easily steer the robot away from places you don’t want it to clean, like pet bowls. Receive notifications when cleaning is finished or if the robot needs attention. Monitor cleaning history and troubleshoot issues.

Consistent Cleaning Contact

Shark’s PowerFins brushroll provides incredible cleaning performance. The unique V-shaped bristles grab onto fine debris while providing deep carpet agitation. Combined with strong suction power, the PowerFins brushroll tackles embedded dirt.

Dual spinning side brushes sweep debris from corners and edges into the cleaning path. The robot vacuum’s low 3.5 inch profile reaches under furniture to clean edges and tight spots. No area is left untouched!

Thoughtful Design and Rigorous Testing

Hundreds of prototypes undergo rigorous real-world testing to guarantee Shark quality and reliability. Intelligent software enhancements optimize navigation and cleaning efficiency.

Shark stands behind their AI robot vacuum with excellent customer service support and a 1-year warranty. Replacement parts and filters are readily available for purchase.

Review of Key Features

  • LiDAR laser navigation for methodical room-to-room cleaning
  • Powerful suction with UltraClean mode boost
  • Voice and app control for on-demand cleaning
  • Self-emptying base holds 30 days of debris
  • Tackles pet hair with self-cleaning brushroll
  • PowerFins brushroll for consistent cleaning contact
  • Low profile reaches under furniture to clean edges

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the vacuum map my home?

Yes, advanced LiDAR laser navigation maps rooms, furniture placement, and the overall layout of your home.

How does it avoid hitting or getting stuck on objects?

The lasers detect objects 4 inches and taller to avoid bumping into them. AI vision also helps the robot navigate in the dark.

Can I restrict the robot from cleaning certain rooms or areas?

Yes, use the SharkClean app to draw no-go zones and limit access to places you don’t want cleaned.

What carpet heights can it handle?

It can clean low to high pile carpets up to 1 inch thick. The self-cleaning brushroll handles long fibers.

How long does the battery last?

It runs for up to 120 minutes on a full charge depending on usage. Then it automatically empties and recharges as needed.

Final Thoughts

The Shark AI Robot Vacuum RV2001 takes floor cleaning to the next level with smart mapping, powerful suction, and hands-free emptying. No more manually pushing a loud vacuum around the house or dumping dust bins. Enjoy deeper carpet cleaning and gleaming floors without lifting a finger.

From daily maintenance to targeted messes, this robot vacuum provides customized, effective cleaning using advanced technology. Remove the chore from housework and experience next-gen convenience with Shark’s AI-powered cleaning partner!


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Shark AI Robot Vacuum, Smart Mapping_Scheduling_Pet Hair Pick Up_Logical Navigation, Black_Silver (RV2001), Carpet
Shark AI Robot Vacuum, Smart Mapping_Scheduling_Pet Hair Pick Up_Logical Navigation, Black_Silver (RV2001), Carpet


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