Shark AI Robot VACMOP PRO w_Sonic Mopping, AI Laser Vision, & WiFi – Black (Renewed)


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Shark AI Robot VACMOP PRO w/Sonic Mopping – Smart Mapping Navigation Vacuums & Mops

Automate floor cleaning with the Shark AI Robot VACMOP PRO that both vacuums and mops hard floors in one sweep. Laser navigation avoids objects and no-go zones while sonic mopping scrubs floors at high speeds.

Total home mapping provides methodical cleaning coverage across floors. Powerful suction lifts debris as the mop pad scrubs stuck-on messes. Keep floors continuously clean with hands-free daily convenience.

Key Features:

  • Vacuums and mops floors at the same time
  • Sonic mopping scrubs floors at 100 scrubs/minute
  • Avoids objects and no-go zones with AI laser vision
  • Total home mapping for complete floor coverage
  • Powerful suction lifts debris from carpets and floors
  • Self-cleaning brushroll won’t wrap with hair
  • App and voice control cleaning schedules
  • Detects carpet edges to avoid mopping carpets

Vacuums & Mops Floors at the Same Time

In one cleaning pass, the VACMOP PRO both vacuums dry debris and mops stuck-on messes on hard floors. Dual spinning mop pads lift dirt while scrubbing floors clean.

Vacuum suction captures dust and debris to leave floors free of footprints, dirt and pet hair. Mopping pads wipe away stuck-on messes, leaving floors sparkling clean in one sweep.

Sonic Mopping Scrubs at 100 Scrubs/Minute

Sonic mopping provides super sonic vibrations through the spinning mop pads at 100 scrubs per minute. This high-speed agitation breaks down sticky, dried-on messes that typical mops spread around.

Greasy footprints, messy mud tracks, sticky spills and more are no match for sonic mopping scrubs. Enjoy squeaky clean floors without the elbow grease of manual mopping.

Avoids Objects & No-Go Zones with AI

With AI laser navigation, this robot vacuum avoids objects like shoes, toys and pet bowls instead of bumping into them and getting stuck. Simply set digital no-go zones in the app and the robot avoids those areas.

No need to tidy floors before cleaning! The VACMOP PRO navigates around clutter for hassle-free, independent cleaning without getting tangled or trapped by obstacles.

Total Home Mapping for Coverage

Intelligent navigation maps your home’s layout then methodically cleans room by room for complete floor coverage. Row-by-row cleaning ensures the robot vacuum covers every inch without missing spots.

Total coverage mapping provides an efficient cleaning plan to tackle floors completely. Enjoy cleaning confidence knowing every section of floor gets fully vacuumed and mopped.

Powerful Suction Lifts Debris

Strong suction lifts dust, dirt, pet hair and debris from carpets and hard floors into the extra-large dust bin. Powerful airflow pulls in mess while the mop pads scrub floors below.

Embedded debris in carpets gets extracted while small particles on hard floors quickly get suctioned up. Leave no mess behind with combined mopping and vacuuming.

Self-Cleaning Brushroll Won’t Wrap

An innovative self-cleaning brushroll actively prevents hair wrap during use so it keeps spinning freely. As it spins, specially designed bristles remove any tangled hair, lint or strings.

Pet hair and long human hair is no match for the self-cleaning technology. It delivers constant brushroll performance and non-stop vacuuming runtime without interruptions to cut out tangles.

App and Voice Control Cleaning

Connect the robot vacuum to the SharkClean app for total cleaning control from your smartphone. Schedule whole home cleaning whenever needed or start spot cleanings on specific rooms or areas.

Enable voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant to start cleanings using just your voice. “Alexa, tell Shark to clean the kitchen” activates cleaning hands-free.

Detects Carpets to Avoid Mopping

Built-in sensors detect when the robot transitions onto carpets and rugs to avoid mopping fabric surfaces. The mopping pads automatically disengage to prevent wetting carpets.

Only hard bare floors get scrubbed to prevent carpet damage and soak through. Both carpets and hard floors are safely vacuumed while only floors are mopped.

What’s Included:

  • Shark AI Robot VACMOP PRO
  • Charging Dock
  • (2) Side Brushes
  • (1) Filter
  • (1) Extra Mop Pads
  • Cleaning Solution

Automate daily vacuuming and mopping with the Shark AI Robot VACMOP PRO. Sonic scrubbing, smart mapping and powerful suction deliver thorough floor cleaning all over your home.


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Shark AI Robot VACMOP PRO w_Sonic Mopping, AI Laser Vision, & WiFi – Black (Renewed)
Shark AI Robot VACMOP PRO w_Sonic Mopping, AI Laser Vision, & WiFi – Black (Renewed)


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