Navigate the Options: Choosing the Best Shark Navigator Vacuum for Your Home

Keeping floors fresh and dirt-free never seems to end, especially with high traffic areas, kids, pets and other sources of grime. But having the right vacuum makes cleaning faster and more effective.

When it comes to reliable vacuums that deep clean carpets, tackle pet hair, and make maintenance easy, Shark Navigator models check all the boxes.

Part of Shark’s innovative lineup since 2011, Navigator vacuums are packed with performance features and convenience. But with so many versions available, how do you determine the best Navigator for your home?

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • The top 5 Shark Navigator vacuums to consider for outstanding quality and value
  • Key criteria to use when picking the perfect Navigator model for your floors
  • Answers to the most frequent Navigator questions to help inform your buying decision

Let’s dive in to find the ideal Navigator to make home cleaning smooth sailing!

Reviews of the Top 5 Shark Navigator Vacuums

Shark offers a wide range of Navigator vacuums spanning from budget-friendly to enhanced models packed with extras. Based on in-depth testing and reviews, these 5 rise above the rest thanks to their combination of cleaning performance, features, and value.

1. Shark NV352

Affordable cleaning power

The NV352 packs impressive performance into an affordable package. With lift-away technology, you can clean hard-to-reach spots effortlessly.

This bagless Navigator uses Shark’s proprietary Never Loses Suction technology for consistent power. The HEPA filter captures dust and allergens.

For deep cleaning carpets and bare floors without spending a fortune, the NV352 delivers impressive value. It’s a great budget-friendly option.

  • Best for: Affordability seekers
  • Key Features: Lift-Away, HEPA filter, Never Loses Suction
  • Price: $

2. Shark NV360

Lightweight cleaning convenience

Exceptionally lightweight at just over 13 pounds, the NV360 glides easily across floors. Maneuvering into corners and under furniture is no sweat.

The lift-away canister detaches to clean stairs, upholstery and more. This Navigator comes with a pet power brush plus a crevice tool for removing pet hair and dirt.

For effortless cleaning of carpets and hard floors, the NV360 lifts away dirt with ease. The convenient lift-away canister prevents back strain too.

  • Best for: Lightweight maneuverability
  • Key Features: Lift-Away, Pet Power Brush, 13 pound design
  • Price: $$

3. Shark NV501

Advanced cleaning for whole home deep cleaning

This feature-packed Navigator has it all – power, accessories, advanced filtration, and convenient lift-away. The HEPA filter captures 99.9% of dust and allergens.

Extra tools like the pet power brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool equip this Navigator for deep cleaning everywhere. The 30 foot cord provides extended cleaning reach.

For outstanding whole home cleaning including floor-to-ceiling capabilities, the NV501 tackles it all. This Navigator out-cleans vacuums twice its price.

  • Best for: Whole home deep cleaning
  • Key Features: Lift-Away, HEPA filter, Pet Power Brush, accessories
  • Price: $$

4. Shark NV752

Innovative cleaning for homes with pets

Shark’s duoclean technology provides superior pickup of pet hair and gritty debris on carpets and hard floors. The lift-away pod cleans above floor areas easily.

This Navigator has a huge dust cup, LED headlights to see dirt in dark spots, and a pet power brush tailored for removing hair.

From its duoclean brushroll to powered pet hair cleaner, the NV752 excels in homes with pets. No hair stands a chance against this mighty cleaning machine.

  • Best for: Pet hair removal
  • Key Features: Duoclean brushroll, Lift-Away, Pet Power Brush, large dust cup
  • Price: $$$

5. Shark NV803

Ultra-powerful upright cleaning

With ultra-strong suction power, this Navigator tackles embedded dirt and pet hair with ease. The lift-away pod detaches for portable cleaning up high and in tight spaces.

LED headlights illuminate debris while the HEPA filter captures dust. Versatile attachments provide specialized cleaning capabilities.

If you want robust cleaning power in an upright vacuum, the NV803 brings incredible suction and performance. No debris stands a chance against this cleaning powerhouse.

  • Best for: Powerful upright cleaning
  • Key Features: Never Loses Suction, Lift-Away, LED lights, HEPA filter
  • Price: $$$

Choosing the Right Shark Navigator Vacuum: Buyer’s Guide

Shark Navigator’s range of models and features allows you to select a vacuum tailored to your cleaning needs and home. Keep these factors in mind while shopping:

Filtration System

Look for complete HEPA filtration to capture allergens and prevent them from escaping back into air.

Suction Power

Shark’s Never Loses Suction provides consistent power for deep carpet cleaning. Motor watts indicate strength.

Lift-Away Technology

Detach the canister for portable off-the-floor cleaning above cabinets, stairs and more.

Cord Length

Longer cords (~30 feet) provide extended cleaning reach so you can cover more ground per outlet.

Included Attachments

Pet brushes, crevice tools, upholstery nozzles and more extend a Navigator’s cleaning versatility.

Bagged vs. Bagless

Bagless models offer convenience, while bagged keep allergens sealed but require buying bags.

Specialized Features

Look for extras like LED lights, pet tools, Duoclean rollers, and self-cleaning brushrolls if needed.


All Navigators come with excellent limited warranties of 5 years or longer.

Customer Ratings

Read reviews and look for 4+ star rated Navigators for proven quality.


Navigator prices range from $150 to $300+ for higher-end models but provide great value.

Making a list of must-have and nice-to-have features helps narrow down the ideal Navigator vacuum for your floors and home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shark Navigators

Shark Navigator vacuums are packed with innovative features to make home cleaning convenient and thorough. Here are answers to buyers’ most common Navigator questions:

How often do Navigator filters need replacing?

Hepa and foam filters should be replaced every 12 months or so based on usage. Washing filters helps extend lifespan.

What types of floors can Navigators clean?

Navigators use adjustable suction to deep clean carpets plus have brushrolls and settings for cleaning bare floors safely.

Are Navigators good for pet hair?

Yes, Navigator pet models have specialized tools like the pet power brush for removing hair and deep cleaning dander.

How long is the power cord?

Higher-end Navigators have 30 foot cords while budget models are 20-25 feet. Longer is better for extended cleaning reach.

What is the benefit of Lift-Away technology?

The detachable canister lets you lift debris away and clean hard-to-reach spots without using attachments. Less bending.

Can you wash the filters on Navigator vacuums?

Yes, rinsing Norton foam and other filters helps remove debris and prolong filter life between replacements.

Do Navigators come with HEPA filters?

Most models use complete HEPA systems to capture 99%+ of dust and allergens for cleaner air quality.

How long do Navigator vacuums typically last?

With proper maintenance, Navigators deliver lasting performance for 5-8 years or longer before repairs may be needed.

Are Navigator vacuums heavy to push and carry?

Not at all! Most Navigator models weigh 15 lbs or less, making them very manageable to use and carry up stairs.

Are replacement parts readily available?

Yes, Shark sells all filters, brushrolls, bags and other parts on their website for convenience.

Take the Helm With the Perfect Shark Navigator

Shark Navigator vacuums truly make home cleaning a breeze with their combination of convenient features, strong suction and affordable pricing.

Hopefully this guide gave you a helpful overview of Shark’s top-rated Navigator models and the key criteria to consider when selecting the ideal one for tackling dirt in your home.

No matter your type of floors, whether you have pets or need expert allergen removal, there’s a Navigator up for the job. And the lift-away portability helps clean virtually anywhere without strain.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out. I’m happy to provide additional buying tips so you find the perfect Navigator vacuum to keep your floors pristine. Here’s to easy, fast and effective home cleaning!

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