Cut the Cord – A Guide to Finding the Perfect Shark Cordless Vacuum

If you’re looking for a convenient and versatile way to keep your floors spotless, it may be time to cut the cord and go cordless. Shark makes some of the most popular cordless stick vacuums and handhelds on the market. With powerful suction and innovative features like removable batteries and self-cleaning brushrolls, Shark’s cordless models make it easy to clean your entire home.

In this guide, we’ll break down the top 5 Shark cordless vacuums and provide tips on how to select the right model based on your needs and preferences. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about these popular vacuums. By the end, you’ll know exactly what to look for to find your perfect Shark cordless vacuum.

An Overview of the Top 5 Shark Cordless Vacuums

Shark has several excellent cordless vacuum lines to choose from. The models vary in size, features, and intended use which allows you to select the right vacuum for your specific needs. Here is a look at Shark’s top cordless vacuums:

Shark ION Robot® Vacuum RV750

This robotic vacuum has some exciting features that allow for hands-free cleaning. It connects to WiFi so you can control it with your smartphone or voice control it with Alexa or Google Assistant. The self-cleaning brushroll prevents hair wrap. A runtime up to 120 minutes gives ample cleaning time.

Pros: Excellent suction power, intelligent mapping, convenient app and voice control, quiet operation.

Cons: Can’t clean carpets, small dust bin needs frequent emptying.

Best For: Hard floor homes looking for robotic vacuum convenience.

Shark Vertex Cordless Stick Vacuum IZ163H

With a DuoClean powerfins brush roll and anti-hair wrap technology, this vacuum is ideal for homes with pets. It runs for up to 40 minutes per charge.

Pros: Amazing cleaning performance on carpets and floors, flexible wand folds for storage, large dust cup.

Cons: Heavier weight than other cordless vacuums.

Best For: Whole home deep cleaning, especially in pet households.

Shark Vertex Cordless Stick Vacuum IZ202H

This model has strong suction power plus a unique lift-away canister for cleaning stairs, upholstery and more. A brushroll garage provides easy access to tangle-free bristles.

Pros: Powerful suction, HEPA filtration, flexible powered lift-away feature.

Cons: Louder noise level, short hose length.

Best For: Versatile cleaning in a medium to large home.

Shark WANDVAC Cordless Handheld Vacuum WV201

The super lightweight and maneuverable design makes this vacuum perfect for quick clean ups. It charges in a convenient wall-mounted docking station.

Pros: Cleans floors, ceilings, upholstery, cars. Great for peque messes.

Cons: Mediocre suction, short battery life.

Best For: Compact storage and portability for small clean ups.

Shark ION F80 Cordless Stick Vacuum IF281

With up to 80 minutes of fade-free power, this stick vacuum can handle large homes. The removable battery, DuoClean Technology and HEPA filtration provide excellent performance.

Pros: Whole home cleaning ability, flexible wand, strong consistent suction.

Cons: Louder noise level than some models.

Best For: Large homes that require extended cleaning time per charge.

As you can see, Shark offers a wide variety of options when it comes to cordless vacuums. Keep reading for tips to help you select the right model for your cleaning needs and lifestyle.

How to Choose the Perfect Shark Cordless Vacuum for Your Home

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is not a decision to take lightly. The right cordless model can make housekeeping a breeze, while the wrong vacuum can leave you unsatisfied. Follow this advice to find your perfect Shark cordless vac.

Carefully Consider Your Home’s Size and Layout

First and foremost, think about the square footage of your living space and the floor plan layout. Larger homes with multiple floors will require a vacuum with more power, runtime and versatility. For example, the ION F80 has up to 80 minutes of fade-free power for large homes.

If you have a multi-story home, look for extras like a powered lift-away hand vacuum to easily clean stairs. Homes with lots of hard floor surfaces require vacuums optimized for both carpets and bare floors, like those with DuoClean technology.

Factor In Your Cleaning Needs and Habits

Think about your go-to cleaning routines and messes you deal with regularly. Do you need an upright cordless vac that can deep clean carpets? Models like the Vertex IZ163H specialize in whole home carpet cleaning.

Homes with lots of pet hair benefit from cordless stick vacuums with anti-hair wrap technology to prevent tangles and jams in the brushroll. If you have children or deal with lots of peque messes, a handheld vacuum like the WANDVAC makes clean up a breeze.

Look for advanced features that match your cleaning needs like HEPA filtration for allergies or extendable wands to reach ceiling corners.

Evaluate Your Home’s Storage Space

Another consideration is where you will store your vacuum when not in use. Cordless stick vacuums with removable hand vacuums take up much less space than traditional upright vacuums. Some compact models like the WANDVAC have charging bases or wall mounts for out of the way storage.

If space is at a premium, look for vacuums where the accessories like wands, crevice tools and batteries can be removed to minimize the storage footprint. The lift-away canister on the Vertex IZ202H detaches to save space.

Carefully Compare Runtimes, Batteries and Charging

Look closely at battery specs and charging capabilities. Longer maximum runtimes allow you to clean more square footage per charge. Some Shark models offer up to 80 minutes of fade-free power. Removable backup batteries are another way to extend cleaning time.

For convenience, check vacuum charging times. Most Shark cordless models require 3-4 hours for a full charge but some have fast charging capabilities that provide partial power in just 30 minutes.

If you share the vac or have a large home, investing in an extra battery or two can be useful for quick swaps when one battery runs low.

Consider Convenient Smart Features

Modern cordless vacuums offer intuitive smart features for added convenience. App integration and WiFi connectivity allows for controlling schedules, suction power and more right from your smartphone.

Voice control options are great for hands-free operation. Just ask Alexa or Google to start vacuuming! Intuitive features like self-emptying dust bins and mapping make cleaning utterly fuss-free.

Make Sure Included Attachments Fit Your Needs

Most cordless vacuums come with a standard assortment of attachments like crevice tools, dusting brushes, upholstery nozzles and more. Make sure the accessories that come with the model you choose will meet your cleaning needs.

Some Shark vacuums have specialized pet tools, flexible wands to access hard to reach spots or headlights to illuminate under furniture and in corners. If not included, useful add-ons like battery powered hand vacuums are usually available for purchase separately.

Stick to Your Budget

Shark cordless vacuums range from value-priced models under $200 to premium vacuums over $500. Make sure to get the right balance of features you need and want at a price point you can afford.

Entry level models like the IONFlex offer excellent functionality for budget shoppers. Mid-range Vertex models add more power and features. Top-of-the-line Shark IQ vacuums have all the bells and whistles.

No matter your budget, Shark has a high performing cordless vacuum option that will fit your needs and cleaning habits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shark Cordless Vacuums

What is the difference between a stick vac and handheld vac?

Stick vacuums have the motor and dust collection bin built into the main cleaning head for floor cleaning. Handheld vacuums are lightweight, portable units optimized for quick clean ups around the home.

How long do Shark’s removable lithium ion batteries last?

Depending on the model, Shark’s removable battery packs provide anywhere from 20 to over 80 minutes of fade-free power when fully charged. With proper care, they are designed to maintain optimal battery life for years.

How does Shark’s DuoClean technology work?

DuoClean vacuums have two specialized brushrolls – a bristle brush to deep clean carpets and a soft brushroll for hard floors. This provides excellent pick up on different surfaces.

Do all Shark vacuums have anti-hair wrap?

No, anti-hair wrap is a technology featured primarily on Shark’s higher end cordless stick vacuums. It prevents strands of hair and debris from getting tangled around the brushroll.

What is the difference between ION, Vertex and Rocket cordless lines?

  • ION vacuums are Shark’s introductory level cordless models with excellent functionality at an affordable price point.
  • Vertex vacuums are mid-range with more power and convenient features.
  • Rocket vacuums are Shark’s most advanced cordless line with premium specs and innovations.

Can you wash Shark’s filters and dust cups?

Yes, the foam and felt filters found in Shark vacuums are removable and rinseable under tap water. The dust cups detach easily to emptied and can be wiped clean as needed.

How long does it take to charge a Shark cordless vacuum?

Most models require a full charging time of 3-4 hours to restore the battery to maximum capacity. Some Shark cordless vacuums offer fast charging that provides enough power for quick cleanups in as little as 30 minutes.

What is the warranty for Shark cordless vacuums?

Shark provides a 5 year limited warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship. For the removable lithium ion batteries, Shark provides a 2 year limited coverage period.

Does Shark sell additional batteries for cordless models?

Yes, Shark offers extra batteries as optional purchases for most cordless vacuum lines so you can always have a freshly charged one on standby. Available quantities depend on the specific model.

How do you empty a Shark cordless vacuum?

Shark stick vacuums have removable dust cups that are designed for quick and hygienic emptying. Just locate the release button or slider to detach the dust cup over the trash receptacle.

Key Takeaways to Help You Find the Perfect Cordless Vacuum

  • Consider your home’s size and floor plan layout when choosing a cordless vacuum’s power and capabilities. Larger spaces may need longer runtimes.
  • Factor in cleaning needs like pet hair or allergies to select models with specialized brushes, filters and more. Look for innovative features that match your use cases.
  • Evaluate storage space available – stick vacuums are compact but some are smaller than others. Removable accessories help minimize the footprint.
  • Compare battery life specs like charging time and backup battery options to make sure runtime meets your needs. Quick charging adds convenience.
  • Check for smart features like app control, WiFi connectivity, mapping and voice command compatibility to enhance the cleaning experience.
  • Make sure included attachments like crevice tools, pet brushes and powered hand vacuums meet your cleaning accessory needs.
  • With cordless options ranging from under $200 to over $500, Shark has models to fit every budget. Prioritize must-have features at a price you can afford.

With this advice and overview of the top options, you should feel equipped to find the perfect Shark cordless vacuum to suit your home and lifestyle. Cut the cord and enjoy convenient, flexible whole home cleaning!

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