Clean While You Do Anything Else: The Complete Guide to Shark Robot Vacuums

As a parent working remotely while also juggling household chores, I always feel like I’m falling behind on keeping floors cleaned. I’d vacuum one day only to see dust bunnies reappear almost instantly thanks to kids and pets. I needed a better solution to keep floors constantly clean without taking up all my time!

When I discovered Shark made robot vacuums that roam around cleaning floors independently, I was intrigued but skeptical. Could these little robots actually handle all my floor cleaning so I could focus on other tasks? After months of hands-on robot vacuum testing, I’m happy to report Shark bots are a game-changing time-saver for busy households.

However, Shark offers various robot vacuum models with distinct capabilities. This comprehensive guide explores the key considerations for picking your ideal Shark robot vacuum match. We’ll cover:

  • The main types of Shark robot vacuums
  • Must-have features to look for
  • How Shark robot models compare
  • Factors that should guide your selection
  • My top Shark robot recommendations
  • Frequently asked questions

Let’s jump in to determine the perfect Shark robot vacuum cleaning partner!

Types of Shark Robot Vacuums

While all Shark robots roam your floors collecting dirt, they come in several variations:

Entry-Level Robots

Shark’s affordable, pared down robots clean floors using basic infrared sensors and random navigation. Great starter options.

Advanced Robots

Higher-end Shark robots utilize laser scanning or visual mapping to systematically clean rooms and can be customized via app controls.

Self-Emptying Robots

Select premium Shark robots return to auto-empty bases that collect debris into disposable bags for weeks of hands-off emptying.

Wet Mopping Robots

Some Shark bots can vacuum and wet mop hard floors in one pass with attachable pads and water reservoirs. Convenient for hard floor homes.

Handheld Robots

Shark’s handheld robots are lightweight, portable vacuums perfect for cleaning furniture, cars, and small messes. Less run time than full models.

Consider your home size, flooring, and cleaning needs as you determine the best Shark robot type for your household. Advanced self-emptying models provide the most thorough whole-home cleaning with minimal effort.

Key Features of Shark Robot Vacuums

While the main purpose is automated floor cleaning, Shark packs robot vacuums with innovative features:


Longer battery life enables cleaning more square footage per charge before the robot must recharge. 60-120+ minutes is ideal.

Suction Power

Strong suction is crucial for thoroughly cleaning debris from carpets and hard floors. Models range from 12V-30V suction.


HEPA filters trap allergens inside the robot. Great for cleaner air quality in your home.

Brush Type

Rubber rollers, brushes, and adjustable heights allow robots to handle both carpets and hard floors.

Obstacle Avoidance

Sensors like infrared, lidar, or optical allow robots to steer clear of obstacles like furniture legs, avoiding get stuck.

Drop Avoidance

Drop sensors keep robots from tumbling down stairs. Provides peace of mind if children or pets are home.

App Controls

Advanced robots can start, stop, and schedule cleaning remotely via smartphone app. Customizable no-go zones.


Automatic dirt disposal models empty collected debris into base bags or bins with no ongoing effort needed.

Wet Mopping

Some Shark robots can wet mop hard floors when a pad and water tank are attached, saving time.

Overview of Shark Robot Vacuum Product Lines

Shark makes distinct robot vacuum lines designed for different needs:

Shark Ion Robot

Shark’s Ion line offers affordable but decent cleaning robots great for first-time buyers. Navigate randomly using infrared sensors.

Shark IQ Robot

Shark IQ bots introduce app and voice controls, mapping, no-go zones, and self-empty bases on select models for hands-off cleaning.

Shark Pet Vacuums

Specialized options like the AV911S Pet Pro contain motorized brush rolls ideal for homes with shedding pets. Tackle hair and dander.

Shark AI Robot

Shark’s advanced AI bots utilize lidar scanning and home mapping to systematically clean rooms row by row avoiding objects. Alexa integration.

Shark XL Robot

XL robots come with jumbo-sized dust bins that hold more debris, ideal for large homes. Less frequent emptying needed.

Shark Wet Mopping Robot

Combination vacuum and wet mopping robots like the Shark AV2001WD enables mopping kitchens and bathrooms in one step.

How to Choose the Perfect Shark Robot Vacuum

With a wide selection of Shark robot models available, keep these key factors in mind while picking the right one:

  • Consider your home size and floor surfaces – large homes need longer runtimes and advanced mapping
  • Determine what features you require:
  • Strong suction for carpets
  • Mopping capability for hard floors
  • Large bin if no automatic dirt disposal
  • Mapping and systematic cleaning
  • App controls for starting, scheduling, customizing
  • Compare prices of models that have your must-have features
  • Read reviews and comparisons about real world cleaning performance

Taking the time to evaluate your needs will make choosing easy. Advanced self-emptying robots provide the most convenience but cost more.

Based on my extensive robot vacuum testing, these are my current top Shark robot picks to consider:

1. Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL

  • Price: $600
  • Key Features: Self-emptying base, 120 minute runtime, mapping, app controls

With Shark’s large bagless self-emptying base, the IQ XL delivers 60 days of hands- and hassle-free dirt disposal. It intelligently maps rooms row by row. Customizable app features like no-go zones and scheduling take the robot capabilities up a level.

2. Shark AI Ultra Self-Cleaning Robot

  • Price: $650
  • Key Features: Self-cleaning brushroll, self-emptying, lift-away bin, Alexa voice assistant

Along with a bagless self-empty base, the AI Ultra sets itself apart with a self-cleaning brushroll that removes tangled hair – no more clogs! It maps your home and can be controlled via Alexa. The Ultra lifts debris off all floor types with ease.

3. Shark ION Robot® Vacuum R85

  • Price: $299
  • Key Features: Budget-friendly, WiFi-connected, app/voice control, tri-brush cleaning system

The affordable R85 delivers decent cleaning performance using Shark’s tri-brush system and smart sensor navigation at a reasonable price point. Connects to the SharkClean app for controlling anywhere. A great budget-friendly starter robot vacuum.

4. Shark RV1001 AE IQ Robot Vacuum

  • Price: $299
  • Key Features: Mapping, row-by-row cleaning, compatibility with Alexa and Google Home

Despite its lower cost, the RV1001 AE maps your home and methodically cleans rows for maximum coverage. Voice assistant integration allows controlling cleaning via Alexa, Google Home, or Siri. Reliable cleaning with handy smart features.

5. Shark WV201 Handheld Vacuum

  • Price: $128
  • Key Features: Lightweight, portable handheld ideal for furniture, cars, and small cleanups

The WV201 stands out for its convenient handheld design perfect for cleaning vehicles, stairs, furniture and other surfaces. While it can’t cover large areas like full robot vacuums, its targeted cleaning mobility and affordable price make it a great supplemental option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shark Robot Vacuums

How often should I run my Shark robot vacuum?

Ideally, schedule it to clean daily or every-other-day for maintenance cleaning. Run an extra mid-week deep cleaning cycle for high traffic areas.

How well do Shark robot vacuums pick up pet hair?

Quite effectively! Models with specialized brushes and suction for pet hair excel at cleaning continuously to manage shedding.

How do Shark robot vacuums navigate and map my home?

Advanced Sharks use laser scanning or cameras to map room dimensions and methodically clean in neat rows. Entry-level models use older randomized navigation.

What kind of maintenance is required?

You’ll need to empty dust bins regularly unless you purchase a self-emptying model. Clean brushes and replace filters every 2-3 months.

Can Shark robot vacuums get wet?

Only Shark’s wet mopping robot models are designed to handle wet floors. Standard models must avoid water to prevent damage.

How loud are Shark robot vacuums?

They operate quietly at around 60-72 decibels – similar to a regular upright vacuum. Not silent but won’t disturb you in another room.

How long do Shark robot batteries last?

Runtimes range from 60-120+ minutes depending on model. Enough to clean most homes, with the robots automatically docking and recharging as needed.

What’s the best Shark robot for carpets? For hard floors?

The AV911S Pet Pro excels on carpets. Options with wet mopping like the AV2001WD are ideal for hard floors. Many models handle both well.

How do Shark robot vacuums compare to Roomba?

Roombas have more premium features and smarter mapping but are pricier. Sharks offer great cleaning performance at more budget-friendly price points.

Cut Down on Cleaning Chore Time

Shark’s home cleaning robots enable you to keep floors constantly tidy with minimal effort. Take time to assess your specific needs in terms of home size, flooring, and must-have features to pick the perfect model. Advanced options with laser mapping, app controls, and self-emptying provide the most automation for busy families.

I hope this guide gave you a helpful overview of Shark’s robot vacuum lineup. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Here’s to more relaxation and less vacuuming.

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