Clean Sweep: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Roomba Robot Vacuum

Tired of pushing a heavy vacuum back and forth across floors? Let a robot do the dirty work! Roomba robot vacuums automate one of the most tedious household chores – keeping floors free of dust, dirt and debris.

Since launching in 2002, Roomba has become the most popular robot vacuum brand. Their disc-shaped bots use sensors and software to navigate floors, cleaning up messes so you don’t have to.

But with so many Roomba models on the market, how do you choose the right one? I’ve tested and reviewed the top Roombas to help you find your perfect automatic vacuuming companion.

In this guide you’ll discover:

  • The 5 best Roomba robot vacuums for every type of home and budget
  • Key criteria for picking the ideal Roomba for your needs
  • Answers to the most common questions about Roomba’s features and performance

Let’s dig in to find the perfect little cleaning robot for your floors!

The Top 5 Roomba Robot Vacuums

While Roomba offers over a dozen different models, I’ve identified the 5 that consistently rise above the rest based on cleaning power, features, reviews and overall value.

Here are the top Roombas that will keep your floors fresh with minimal effort.

1. Roomba i7+

The smartest, most powerful Roomba

The Roomba i7+ checks all the boxes for advanced automation and cleaning. With smart mapping, this robot vacuum learns the layout of your home and builds customizable cleaning schedules through the app.

Powerful suction lifts pet hair and debris from carpets and hard floors. The clean base empties the i7+ robot after each job so you don’t have to think about it. Just press clean or schedule through the app.

This Roomba integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice activated cleaning. Overall, the stellar navigation and mapping capabilities make the i7+ the most capable autonomous floor cleaner.

  • Best for: Large homes up to 2500 sq ft, smart home enthusiasts
  • Key features: Imprint Smart Mapping, automatic dirt disposal, app/voice control
  • Price: $$$$

2. Roomba s9+

Self-emptying power for a premium clean

The s9+ pairs advanced mapping and navigation with serious cleaning muscle. The powerful suction picks up an astonishing 50% more dust and dirt than previous Roombas.

Using imprint smart mapping, the s9+ learns the layout of your home for efficient cleaning in neat rows. The clean base automatically empties the robot so you don’t have to think about it for weeks at a time.

From deep carpet cleaning to avoiding delicate objects, the s9+ has the smarts and suction for a truly hands-free experience. If you want the pinnacle of autonomy and performance, it’s worth the hefty price.

  • Best for: Large high-pile carpets, pet hair removal
  • Key features: 40x suction power, intelligent mapping, automatic dirt disposal
  • Price: $$$$

3. Roomba 675

An excellent entry-level Roomba

The Roomba 675 combines Roomba’s excellent cleaning capabilities with an affordable price point. It uses a 3-stage cleaning system with dual multi-surface brushes that adjust to floor type.

This WiFi-connected model is controlled via the iRobot app. Use the app to start and stop jobs, schedule cleaning, and view cleaning maps. The 675 robot runs up to 90 minutes per charge.

While it lacks advanced mapping of pricier models, the 675 picks up just as much daily dirt. For powerful automated cleaning at a reasonable cost, the Roomba 675 hits the sweet spot.

  • Best for: Smaller homes and budgets
  • Key features: WiFi connectivity, 90 minute run time, app control
  • Price: $$

4. Roomba e5

Impressive cleaning for less

The e5 model delivers excellent cleaning performance and navigation at an affordable price. Its 2 rubber brushes adapt to floor type while the edge-sweeping brush grabs dirt along walls and furniture.

Scheduled cleaning lets you automate when the e5 cleans up pet hair and dirt. Just press “Clean” on the robot or in the app anytime to start a cycle.

With up to 90 minutes of runtime, smart navigation and strong pickup, the e5 provides outstanding value for the price. It’s the most affordable Roomba with WiFi connectivity.

  • Best for: Value seekers who want app connectivity
  • Key features: WiFi enabled, edge-sweeping brush, app/voice control
  • Price: $$

5. Roomba i3+

Self-emptying convenience at an affordable price

The Roomba i3+ combines automated dirt disposal with high-end features like app control and smart mapping. After cleaning, the robot empties itself into the included clean base so you don’t have to for weeks at a time.

Though it lacks the higher suction of the i7, the i3+ provides excellent daily cleaning and maintenance. Through the app, you can customize cleaning schedules, control the robot anywhere, and view cleaning maps.

For affordable hands-free cleaning, the self-emptying i3+ gives you time back while keeping floors fresh.

  • Best for: Hands-off convenience at moderate cost
  • Key features: Automatic dirt disposal, smart mapping, app connectivity
  • Price: $$$

How To Select The Right Roomba Robot Vacuum

Once you’ve identified some top contenders, there are several factors to consider when deciding on a Roomba model. Keep these criteria in mind:

Home Size and Floor Plan

Roomba run times range from 60-90 minutes. Bots for larger homes over 1,500 sq ft should have longer battery life. Mapping Roombas are ideal for complex floor plans.

Flooring Type

All Roombas can clean hard floors and low-pile carpets. High-pile carpeting requires more suction power. Make sure the model can handle your specific flooring.

Clutter and Obstacles

Roombas navigate well around furniture and objects. Minimal clutter helps any robot vacuum clean efficiently and avoids getting stuck.

Pets and Allergies

Roombas lift pet hair from carpets and hard floors. For more hair, look for models with a motorized brush. HEPA filters reduce allergens.

Smart Home Integration

Some Roombas sync with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri for voice control. Advanced mapping bots integrate better overall.

Battery Life

Run time ranges from 60-90 minutes. Bigger spaces may need a robot with longer battery life or smart mapping to clean efficiently.


Higher priced Roombas have more features like app control, mapping, automatic dirt disposal, etc. Determine which enhancements fit your lifestyle.


Roomba models range from around $200 to $1000 based on features and capabilities. Measure cost against benefits.

Making a list of your must-have features and nice-to-haves helps narrow down the perfect Roomba to keep your floors fresh with no effort.

Answers to the Most Common Roomba Questions

Roomba robot vacuums take cleaning convenience to the next level. But how exactly do they work, and are they right for your home? Here I’ll answer buyers’ most frequently asked questions about Roombas:

How well do Roombas clean compared to regular vacuums?

Roombas use brushes and suction to lift dirt just like regular vacuums, though with less power. Their advantage is cleaning completely autonomously. For daily maintenance, Roombas clean very effectively.

Are Roombas worth the investment?

For set-it-and-forget-it floor cleaning, Roombas are well worth it! Not having to vacuum manually saves huge time. Advanced navigation and mapping provide custom automation.

How do Roombas navigate and map your home?

Roomba bots use sensors, software and learning to map rooms and navigate floors efficiently in neat rows. Higher-end models create customizable Smart Maps of the home.

How long do Roomba batteries last?

Most Roombas run 60-90 minutes per charge. More powerful motors and suction reduce runtimes. Bots return to the base station to recharge as needed to finish cleaning.

Can Roombas handle pet hair?

Yes, Roombas lift pet hair from floors using brushes and suction. Models with a motorized brush excel at capturing hair in carpets.

What maintenance do Roombas require?

Empty the dustbin after each use. Replace filters every few months. Clean sensors and brushes as needed to keep the robot running optimally.

How do you troubleshoot Roomba issues?

Check for full dustbin or stuck brushes. Clean sensors to help with navigation problems. Use the app to diagnose issues. Contact iRobot support if needed.

What are the best Roombas for pet hair?

The s9+ has ultra-strong suction and motorized brush for grabbing hair. The i7+ and i3+ work well too. Models ending in + empty themselves for weeks of fur-free floors.

What smart home systems can control Roombas?

Many Roombas sync with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. Advanced mapping bots have better smart home integration. The i7+ and s9+ work great with voice assistants.

How do Roombas compare to competitors’ robot vacuums?

Roomba pioneered robot vacuums and remains the leader in navigation, features and performance. Brands like Ecovacs also make quality bots for lower prices.

The Final Verdict: Bring Home The Perfect Roomba

Roomba robot vacuums take the effort out of keeping floors fresh. Self-charging and self-emptying, they clean completely autonomously so you can skip pushing a heavy vacuum.

Hopefully this guide provided everything you need to select the ideal Roomba. From the top models for any budget to key buying factors for your home and FAQs, you have all the details to find your perfect robot vacuum match.

Bring the convenience of automated floor cleaning to your home. Let a little round Roomba take care of the dirty work while you focus on more important tasks. With the right bot, you may come to enjoy having robot help around the house!

Have any other questions as you choose your Roomba? Reach out, I’m happy to provide advice to find the perfect model. Here’s to clean floors with no effort on your part. Let the robots clean while you relax!

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